Snacking is often driven by cravings: salty, sweet, spicy, sour, fatty. We snack when we’re relaxing, seeking an extra boost of energy, or are just plain bored.

Oftentimes, snacks like chips, pretzels, or cookies may not cut it. The snack game has come a long way over the years, offering handheld treats that combine an array of flavors to satisfy our taste buds.

Many of these unique noshes won’t be found in the snack aisle at the store. Thanks to the internet, we have more access to food from around the country (and world!) than ever before.

These snacks may not be what you typically gravitate toward, but it’s worth the effort to seek them out on the web and hit “Add to Cart.”

Pepper Jelly

Pepper jelly is a fantastic way to trip your tastebuds up with a combination of spicy and sweet flavors. This pectin or vinegar-based preserve is made with peppers, sugar, salt, and other flavorings. You can make it home, or even buy pepper jelly online.

While pepper jelly is perfectly fine as a solo dipper for your crackers or chips, it’s most often combined with cream cheese to be used as either a dip or spread.

You can also glaze chicken skewers or mini meatballs with it to add a twist to appetizers. You can also spread it on peanut butter and jelly for a new depth to the classic sandwich, or slap it on toast to kickstart your morning. 

Mochi Ice Cream

These little balls of flavor can be sweet or savory, and come in flavors like red bean and black sesame for those who are adventurous. For snackers who want a more traditional taste, they can try green tea, mango, or strawberry flavors.

This Japanese confection is mainly made of mochi, or pounded sticky rice. The mochi is formed around an ice cream filling. It’s then dusted with cornstarch to keep the outer layer from caking as it’s being handled when being formed or eaten.

Though the ice cream brings most of the flavor, the mochi itself can be flavored as well.

Some major chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s sell mochi ice cream, but for the best variety turn to the internet.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

It can be argued that bacon strips alone are a perfect snack. They’re fatty and salty, and just plain pleasant to most palettes.

What happens when you throw another favored snack flavor on top? Chocolate-covered bacon adds sweetness, with the pliable chocolate serving as a blank canvas for a variety of toppings.

The flavor profile of the snack depends beginning with the base chocolate: milk, dark, or white is often used. Sometimes more chocolate is piled on top in piped designs.

Other popular toppings are chopped almonds or pistachios, flaky sea salt, spicy salt, or brown sugar. Some pieces might even come covered in crumbled cookies.

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