When it comes to footwear, many people prefer sneakers, and the reasons for this are many. On a casual day, when one is relaxed inside out, one would choose sneakers as they can perfectly reflect the inner peace. They are nice shoes, which are also available in different styles and varieties. Moreover, they come at the most affordable prices and are the most comfortable. There are also famous brands and collections like Nike TN, which ensure affordability and comfort for the customers, making most of the population their loyal customers.

The sneakerheads who are obsessed with sneakers collect the various types and own them with pride. So, if you are a sneakerhead, this article will help you not down a variety of sneakers that needs to go into your collection. So read on to find out about them!

  • Plimsoll Sneakers

These low top sneakers are said to be the most common type of sneakers available in the market. They are also available in different styles, which cater to the different tastes of customers who prefer them. Meanwhile, a significant thing to be kept in mind is not to wear any socks with these sneakers, as the whole concept is to eliminate the need for them. Here, all the attention should go to the sneakers, and the makers are particular about it. And you can wear these shoes with rolled up or skinny jeans so that the shoes will be emphasised by revealing the naked ankle. 

  • Athletic Sneakers

They are considered to be sports sneakers and are even endorsed by famous sports brands like Nike. As such, Nike TN is a special collection of sports sneakers that has a unique style. Style-wise as well as function-wise, these sneakers perform extraordinarily. Along with allowing you to indulge in all sorts of athletic activities like jumping or running, these sneakers are the most flexible and comfortable ones to get one’s feet into. 

  • Authentic Sneakers

Also known as the Vans sneakers, they were the first kind of sneakers launched in the market. Besides, this is a revolutionary one as it goes with anything like shorts, overalls and even dresses. Combined with the minimal design, flexibility and comfort, these sneakers add to the complete look of an outfit.

  • Slip-on Sneakers

They are the classic sneakers, with which one doesn’t have to undergo any trouble with shoelaces as they don’t have any. These low rise sneakers are incredibly comfortable to wear as they don’t even need socks to complete the look. One can wear it very casually during their day to day activities and while running errands. As such, slip-on sneakers have recently made a huge comeback in the market due to their comfort. 

  • Basketball Sneakers

These are high top sneakers and meant to be worn with socks. As the name suggests, they are worn commonly during basketball games. However, people also wear it casually, along with basketball shorts on a casual day. You can also wear them with tight fitted jeans.

  • Leather Sneakers

At present, these sneakers are in so much demand in the market. Even though they are a bit expensive, they work well as a long term investment as they do not lose their shine fast. These sneakers are made of top quality leather, which makes these shoes best to be worn with formal attires. Meanwhile, many people are not aware of this fact, and that is why leather sneakers are preferred in sports also. Their soft self and glove-like fitting make it appealing and the game worth playing. However, do not wear any socks with leather sneakers as it can destroy the whole look. 

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