Graphic recording, also known as visual note-taking or scribing, is the art of capturing a speaker’s key points using hand-drawn and written content so that an event or meeting can come alive. This visual translation of talks is beneficial to events of any size, including small student-run events

By recording the contents of a talk in visual form, it becomes easier to understand the talk and even have a complete record that you can use to refer back to as you need. Graphic recording comes with a myriad of benefits, and here are 7 of the most important:

  1. Increases engagement and memory retention

One of the most obvious and important benefits of graphic recording for events is that it increases the memorability and engagement value of your event.

As an event organizer or speaker at an event, your main priority is to ensure that the event is impactful to the attendees. That’s why the engagement value of your event matters a lot. 

And if the audience becomes increasingly interested in your event, there is a better chance that they will recall the key points longer.

So if you want to meet the objectives of your event, consider graphic recording with a live sketch artist from The Sketch Effect.


2. Graphic recording entertains your audience

When you use graphic recording, especially traditional recording, you will keep your audience entertained throughout the event. 

That way attendees won’t get distracted by their phones or whatever’s happening outside. It’d be better to have attendees who are distracted by an art that is related to the event, as opposed to something irrelevant to the event.


3. Validates participants

During brainstorming or strategy sessions, graphic recordings will come in handy to capture input from participants. This will prompt participation in group discussions and other sessions that require contribution from the audience.


4. Enhances collaboration

Back to the point about validating participants, graphic recording can actually enhance collaboration in groups.

The attendees in an event will be motivated to work together to ensure that their input is recognized and that it adds value to the speaker’s content.


5. Graphic recording promotes creative thinking

When graphic recorders capture audio content from a speaker in a visual, interactive form, they get the attendees to think outside the box.

As people comprehend the ideas better and try to establish the connection between various concepts, they come up with new ideas. Thanks to the creative thinking behind that, there will be totally new ideas that would not have come up if the attendees only focused on what the speaker was saying.


6. You’ll have a lasting record

There’s no point in planning an event for weeks or events only to have it fly by in a matter of hours. Graphic recording solves this problem by presenting you with a real reference to all the work and valuable output of your event.


7. Graphic recording creates uploadable and shareable content

The content from a graphic recording session can be captured digitally and uploaded to social media channels. Your audience will interact with this content and since it’s interesting enough, they will want to share it.

As such, even people who failed to attend the event will see value in the graphic recordings, and that can increase the number of people who will be interested to attend future events.


Make your events more memorable with graphic recording

It’s no secret that scribing adds a lot of value to your event, regardless of the size.

So if you are looking to get the maximum bang for the buck at your next event, consider hiring a live sketch artist from The Sketch Effect.

Not only will doing so increase the value of your event, but the attendees will remember it longer and keep looking forward to the next one.

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