Management is the most renowned profession all over the globe. It includes a vast range of opportunities like human resources, consulting, entrepreneurship etc. A person belonging to this field needs to coordinate, command, organize, and forecast both internal and external affairs of the company and manage the people and resources. Management plays an important role in an organization; it decides the success and failure of any organization. There are many courses available in management that one can pursue according to their preference and talent. Let’s find out what are they below: –

  • Sales

It is otherwise known as the comprehensive business system that requires effective development, management, interpersonal exchange of goods and services with a fair value. The main role of this field is showcasing products and services convincing customers to buy the products through different media like telephonic communication or face interaction.

  • Marketing 

Marketing is a career option for those who like the strategies, patterns and trends. The job of this domain is to identify the target market for products to sell, develop the product, plan sales strategies, calculate the price bar, make sure the growth of business increases the profit count and maintain good public relations.

  • Finance

Finance management deals with planning, organizing, directing, and controlling an organization’s financial activities. One needs to apply general management principles to the organization’s financial resources. The main objective of this sector is procurement, allocation, and control of financial resources. It ensures that there is a regular and adequate supply of money. It makes sure that there is maximum utilization of resources with minimum funds. The job of this domain is to plan a capital structure to ensure safety investment, maximum utilization of funds, adequate supply.

  • Supply chain management

Supply chain management is a kind of career that includes planning, managing and handling, and enabling the supply of goods and services. The SCM managers are the transportation planners and purchasers. A career in this field is extremely diverse, and it continuously shifts evolve with the needs of people and changing technology. This career option is beneficial and great for those interested in planning to manage and who loves to stay updated with changing technologies.

  • Operation management

This sector combines business, finance and technology, which is associated with planning, organizing and supervising production. It is based on both the physical and technical functions of a firm. It provides manufacturing and provision of services.

  • Human resources

Human resource management is a sector that manages all the resources provided to the employee. It is about organizing and managing employees and maximizing their performance. It also includes effective functioning of an organization, training employees, hiring new employees, maintaining proper relations, training newbies, and evaluating the performance of employees. The people who pursue this career are usually known as the company’s HR. A person who has good communication skills and who knows all the corporate laws is illegible for this sector.

  • Health care management

At present, the rapid growth of the healthcare sector makes healthcare management one of the best and most effective career options for people. A degree in health care management can give you a wide scope to play a significant role in hospital management that includes activities like hospital operations, efficient supervision, making hospitals independent and financially stable. The person pursuing this sector needs to work for the management and development of the hospital and ensure the hospital has the proper equipment, doctors and nurses.

  • Management consulting

This is a sector where management consulting assists a client in finding information and advice them on a lasting solution to a problem. This is basically consultancy services. Consultants usually analyze, discuss, and challenge organizations to become the best by adopting creative ideas.

  • Entrepreneurship

A degree in this field leads a person to enter an entrepreneurial route. An entrepreneur always wants to solve problems in a creative way. An individual with this degree creates innovative products with great creative skills. This career option is extremely challenging in our country’s current economic strategy.

How to pursue a career in management?

  • Clear the 12th standard in any stream, pursue graduation in any stream for 3 years and then go for MBA for 2years.
  • Clear your 12th in science stream, then pursue BTech/ BE for 4years, then go for MBA for 2years.
  • Clear your 12th standard in commerce, then pursue graduation in BBA / BMS / for 3 years and then go for MBA for 2years.
  • Or you can directly join for Integrated Management Program from IIMs after 12th through IPM Entrance test.

What are the courses one can pursue after the 12th standard?  

There are various options available in front of students who passed the 12th standard. Let’s find out what are those:-

  • BBA

BBA stands for Bachelor in business administration. It is a 3years course which can be pursued right after the 12th standard, and it exists in both government and private colleges. It is an undergraduate course, and students of any stream can pursue it after their 12th, and after that, they can go for a postgraduate degree MBA. The programs involved in this stream are:- Banking insurance, international business, aviation management, event management, tourism and travel management.

  • BMS

BMS stands for Bachelor in Management Studies. It is a 3year undergraduate program. It usually focuses on traditional management studies such as analytics. Any 12th standard passes out can pursue this course.

  • BHM

It is referred to as a Bachelor of Hotel Management. This is a four years undergraduate program in hospitality management. It trains students to become good hotel managers.

  • BBS 

It refers to a bachelor’s in business studies. This is a 3years undergraduate program that focuses on the management subjects like HR, marketing and finance. The students who had English as their subject in the 12th standard are eligible for this course.

  • COM

B.COM stands for Bachelor of commerce. It is a 3year undergraduate program. This course has a specialization in banking and finance.

  • Integrated MBA

Integrated MBA programs last for 5years. It covers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Some of the programs that this degree covers are BCA+MBA, BBA+MBA, B.SC+MBA, and more.

List of entrance exams one should focus on if one wants to choose management.


Integrated Program in Management Admission test, which is 5 years integrated program started by IIMs. Through this entrance exam you can study management directly after 12th from IIM. Join TopRankers IPM Online coaching classes to crack IPM and to get into your dream IIM College.

  • CAT

Common aptitude test is a national level entrance conducted by IIM for admission in all IIMs and other B-schools around India.

  • XAT

Xavier aptitude test is a national level entrance conducted by Xavier labour relations institute for admission of PG programs.

  • MAT

Management aptitude test is conducted by all India management associations for admission of MBA candidates.

  • CMAT

This is otherwise known as the Common management aptitude test. It is a national level entrance test conducted by NTA for admission into MBA and PGDM courses.

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