In these unprecedented times of global pandemic, the Scrum Alliance has come forward in providing first time the online training and providing certification of expertise in A-CSM course and importantly, the opportunity stands only for a limited time. Thus, it would be wise to gain full advantage of this opportunity if you wish to get Advanced Certified Scrum Master certification and boost your career in Scrum.

KnowledgeHut, a global Registered Education Ally of Scrum Alliance brings to you the comprehensive Advanced Certified Scrum Master A-CSM Training course on its immersive leaning platform. The course is designed with the aim to help you enhance your Scrum execution skills to help you stand out in the market as an experienced Scrum Master with real world simulations. You get to master the requisite skills in order to better facilitate the dialogues between the stakeholders’, development team, Product Owner, target customers, executives and also confidently give response when you encounter any unremitting change or maybe inactive engagement.

The main objective of the course is to make you expert by scaling Agile and Scrum beyond one team and strengthen your coaching abilities and learning like an Agile expert. Let’s understand in detail why A-CSM Training course is the best opportunity for you to advance your career being Scrum Master. So, let’s dive in:


Advanced Certified Scrum Master® (A-CSM) certification is formal and validated designation which is offered by the ScrumAlliance® to all those practitioners who possess at least one year experience as Scrum master and complete the training program to showcase your expertise as a certified Scrum Master.

Since the advent of Scrum, it has gained a worldwide recognition being a structured framework that professes to address complexities which possibly arise while in delivery of the innovative quality services and products on-time-market and within the company’s budget. It’s no wonder why most of the tech giants across globe like Accenture, Adobe, Twitter, eBay, Capgemini, Deloitte, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google, BBC, GE, Spotify, Roche, Walt Disney, Hewlett Packard, Walmart, Dow Jones, Lockheed Martin, Tesla ExxonMobil, BAE Systems, and Verizon have adopted the robust and structured Scrum framework.

According to the 2020, 14TH State of Agile, there were almost over 58% adoption rate shown globally across organizations who have gone Scrum and Agile. Even this year, Scrum has continued to gain its popularity and the reason is because of its unique ability to enhance quality of product and process, reduction in time-to-market, boost the morale of employees and foster quality work in the enterprises. Thus, it is clear that the demand to hire a certified and skilled Scrum Master has grown exponentially and would continue to grow across several industries.

With the A-CSM certification training course, you will get to strengthen your skill and practice upon the concepts of Scrum. The certification will be provided by ScrumAlliance® certifications that will validate the expertise and skill set of yours being a professional in Scrum and it will open several networking opportunities with some of the top in the entire industry.


  1. Gain the learned coaching skills and its effective implementation at personal scale as well as at Scrum team level.
  2. Learn Agile Facilitation techniques; inculcate the habit of convergent and divergent thinking, and about the decision making process
  3. Learn to use self-organization services to the firm’s development team and enhance the team dynamics using the practices of Agile engineering.
  4. Learn about the product vision and strategizing in providing excellent services to the development team’s Product Owner and using the tactics for refinement of product backlog
  5. Work towards removals of Impediments removal using the approaches of Agile scaling
  6. You will see some significant personal development with execution of coaching practices and as a Servant Leader


There are no as such pre-requirements that you need to satisfy before attending the advanced CSM training program. However, it is to specifically note that in order to meet the eligibility criteria for this A-CSM credential certification, then you mandatorily need a active CSM® certification having 12-month of experience as in Scrum Master role in past 5 years.

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