We might expect issues anytime and might face difficulty in terms of paying the amount for the hospital rather worrying about the problems that we get. Here is where Mediclaim comes into picture that helps us not to worry about the amount anymore but to claim it from the place where you are right now.

The health insurance premium is something that helps you to pay your bills in installments that offers benefits and coverages during the risks. The main critical factors being the choice of insurance plans and its sum that helps you to get an amount and have an impact on these premium charts of the Mediclaim. The Mediclaim premium chart is easy to calculate with the things considering below.

Here are some of the benefits of Mediclaim premium chart:

  • Saves resources and time – with the improvement in technology, you can now avail the insurance from anywhere and at any time. Family insurance checks the history while choosing the policy and thus you can calculate the insurance premium.
  • Speeds up the policy calculation with others – you can now compare policies that are available online and take the best one that offers in the right price. The calculator helps you to choose the right plan that assists you to make the right premium chart and compares to let you know the cost-effective features.
  • Make it more customizable – another benefit of taking the premium is to customize it and thus enables the users to take it as per their wish and under their budget. Some policies are more like blending few and thus you can now quickly check the premium chart between the insurances.

Criteria to calculate health insurance premium chart:

When you are not aware of how the health insurance chart is been calculated, then you should know some basic of how this is been done. There are factors such as family members, age, gender, conditions of the health, parameters, etc.

Below are their explanation for references:

  • Medical history – medical history of the family is another thing you need to consider before availing the health insurance. As these details will be a deciding factor, you need to provide them.
  • Plan choice – here is another crucial factor that is required to calculate the premium amount. Either you need to choose the family floaters or an individual, you need to decide on this.
  • Any diseases that are existing – any preexisting medical condition matters as this is more than the individual. The leading period might take you to additional plan while one still in the period of cover.
  • Age and BMI – age and bmi affects the premium health insurance and as you get older, the more chances that you might get affected. And thus, the youngers pay less insurance, when compared to that of the elders. Similarly, if you have your BMI unhealthy, then there are higher risk of you getting affected to many diseases and thus proportional to the rates of the medical insurances. If you have good BMI, less premium is possible.
  • Other external factors – when you have habits of drugs, alcoholism and other factors, the insurance agents calculate the premium accordingly. Thus they ask you to disclose the lifestyle to calculate the Mediclaim premium charts. Thus smoker or alcoholisms might have to pay more insurance premium when compared to the one who doesn’t have any such practices.

Factors considered to reduce the premium:

Higher premium is not that you will get higher premium. Here are some of the tips you might consider reducing the premium charges you tend to pay for your Mediclaim:

  • Choose the floater plan for family rather choosing the individual plan as it can be shared among the family.
  • Choose the higher volume deductible that helps you to make you pay less premium
  • Try investing the Mediclaim during the younger age
  • Ensure to choose the policy for many years or multiple years rather choosing for the particular time period
  • Ensure to go for the regular checkups and to maintain the records to get the higher insurance during the needed times
  • It is important to maintain the better BMI so as to pay the less premium during the initial stages. Ensure to maintain the standard BMI to get good coverage.
  • Leading healthy lifestyle is another key to pay the insurance premium less as this might have less chances for the diseases or issues in the future and thus you need not pay more premium.

Factors affecting your insurance premium

Other than the above tips there are other factors that might affect the policy and here are few below:

  • Insurance writings less – some of the insurance writers helps you to write less in the history of records to make you eligible to take the coverage and this might affect during the long run.
  • Death rate – the rate of mortality has the rights to affect the premium and thus apparently higher risk for older people to pay the premium.


With the above tips and benefits, you will now have an idea of how to calculate and what is the Mediclaim premium chart is exactly about. Choose the right one and invest in the right plant to keep your life better.

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