Replacement windows and doors Kitchener need to match with the architectural design of your house to keep the attractiveness of the house. For windows to give you the classic look that you desire, they need to fit into the design of the house perfectly.

There are different architectural styles for houses. Each style fits a different type of window design. The following are some of the common architectural designs and the type of Kitchener windows replacement units that complement them;

1. Cape Cod Design

This style with a steeply pitched roof with a small porch directly above the front door of the house. The houses built with this type of architectural design have chimneys protruding through the center of the roof. This is because fireplaces are considered the central element for the family.

Windows and doors Kitchener for this architectural design is usually two windows on each side of the door and other dormer windows centered right above them. Double-hung windows are the best fit for this type of house. This is because they open on both the top and bottom sashes to provide enough ventilation to the house because of the presence of a fireplace. Double hung windows are also the best fit as they tilt inwards making them easy to clean.

2. Tudor Design

This design is characterized by a stucco exterior that has brick and stone combinations. It has arched doorways with both tall and narrow windows fixed with dark trim. This design has externally exposed wood that matches the window frames.

The best type of windows for Tudor design is narrow-shaped casement windows. They fit best for this architectural style because they emphasize the height of the house because of their narrowness. Picture windows can also be combined with the casement windows so that they match the exposed wood sections.

3. Colonial Design

There are different varieties to this design depending on the time. This is because different colonial masters who had different tastes on house designs influenced different styles. Most of the colonial-style homes are usually two-story buildings made of red bricks and several chimneys.

These colonial designs usually give your home a traditional look. They usually have two windows equally spaced on each side of the door. There are three windows on the second level with one window directly above the door. Dormer windows Kitchener are usually placed above the second-level windows. Single and double hung windows are the best fit for this type of house design. This is because a lot of ventilation is required due to the presence of multiple fireplaces.

4. Craftsman Bungalow Design

This is a classic type of architectural design. This style has features like a front porch, square columns, and an open floor plan. This type of home design is built to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

For the classic look to come out in this house design, different window types are combined to fit the design. Double hung windows, awning, and casement windows Kitchener are used to create the patterns that match with this architectural design. These window combinations are usually fixed in groups of two or three.

5. Ranch Design

This type of architectural design is also referred to as split-level style. This type of house has a basement, the main floor, and a first floor on the top. Most of these homes are built using brick and wood and they usually have a porch directly above the front door.

The recommended type of windows for this type of house are large picture windows to provide lighting and provide a wide range view of the outside environment. Double hung windows can be combined with the picture windows either on the sides, at the top, or at the bottom.

6. Modern Style

These houses have clean lines and a lot of light is what is highly required. A lot of emphases is usually on the space required and a welcoming look to the house. As such, when choosing the right windows and doors Kitchener, you need the ones that let in more light.

In this light, sliding windows are usually an excellent choice of windows for these homes as they bring out the classic look.

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