Whether you love cycling for fitness, recreation or are completely into green transport, you must be aware that irrespective of the frequency of your ride or the style; you cannot hit the road without suitable riding essentials. And finding an appropriate bike helmet is a good place to begin if you want to ensure complete safety and make the most of this passion or hobby. So, finding a riding helmet that fits your needs, whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or an amateur, can define how and how much you’ll be able to enjoy your ride. Besides, not only can wearing the incorrect helmet be inconvenient or uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous.

And to help you find a riding companion that fits your cycling discipline, here are some tips to consider before you set out to bring a helmet home:


The first obvious thing you must check before buying a helmet is the size. The size and shape of every person’s head vary, and how comfortable you feel while riding will largely determine the worth of your helmet. 

In order to know your size, take a measuring tape and measure your head. Make sure the tape measure is at the same level throughout. Also, it is ideally considered that your helmet must be a snug fit with no gaps or space in-between to move. This is important since it needs to sit perfectly on your head and not move even if you move your head.

Riding Style

Helmets are mainly available in various styles, each with unique characteristics tailored to different riding styles. While essentially any helmet will keep you safe as opposed to riding in the absence of it, an appropriate helmet based on your style of riding will provide you with additional benefits that ensure maximum safety and a stress-free experience. For this very reason, cycling helmets are classified into three broad categories: recreational bike, road bike and mountain bike helmets. So, depending on your style of cycling, you can pick a suitable variant from your specific category.

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Thanks to technological upgrades, helmets have tremendously benefited in the last few years. Today, you can pick from a range of helmets designed to be lighter, ventilated, and more aerodynamic while providing the rider with thorough impact protection. And guess what? In order to capture those precious riding memories, helmets also feature built-in light and action camera mounts! 

Even the concept of magnetic buckles or straps are a reality today and a massive hit too. And this is because of their simple functionality and the ability to stay clasped during an impact. While these enhanced features certainly notch up the price, the benefits of current all-around features outweigh the costs.

Safety Certifications

Ensuring the bike helmet that you’re about to buy meets safety standards and bears a sign, label or mark suggesting the same is not even an option but a mandatory prerequisite. This works in two ways; firstly, a certified helmet guarantees your safety and cements your trust in the quality of material and features that have gone into making it. And secondly, you’re protected from being on the wrong side of the law as non-certified helmets attract hefty fines from concerned departments if caught. So it is better to spend a few extra bucks while purchasing than paying a fine later.

So, your helmet purchase will majorly depend on these four factors. Hence, remember to weigh them all well and choose wisely.

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