Beginning a dropshipping business is an excellent way to get your foot in the door of entrepreneurship. Customers will be able to buy things from you, and you will be able to establish your own prices and market your own brand. You don’t have to pay for stock unless it’s really sold to a consumer. You can establish a successful brand if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Entrepreneurship is a skill that could help a lot of people make significant changes in their lives. However, if you’ve never done it before, starting your own fresh new business can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

Various prominent business owners have labored to develop educational content – such as dropshipping courses – to teach how to manage an online business.

I have been hearing about Lorraine Chen and Specter Ecommerce lately and I’ve been wondering, what made Specter Ecommerce by Lorraine Chen popular in the Ecommerce Industry and if earning $500.00 a day is real.

Have you heard of Specter Ecommerce Program? Is it real?

Specter Ecommerce is a course that gives you the knowledge you need to plan and execute a business. In this program you will discover the fundamentals and essentials of the dropshipping business. You will also get a brief overview of how the dropshipping business operates all around the globe as well, its past, and progression.

The Specter Ecommerce direct shipping course is by far the most thorough instruction available, and is ideal for anyone interested in generating a good amount of profit via direct shipping.

This is an excellent option for those who seek a means to earn dollars without wanting to adhere to a substantial amount of money up front.

The 4 How’s of  Specter Ecommerce Program 

I have read different course outlines for dropshipping courses offered online and I must say Lorraine Chen’s course outline is by far the most promising and results are indeed satisfying.

Below are some of the topics that will be tackled in Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce program;

  • How to earn as much as $500.00 a day for finding the right product to offer in the market.
  • How to set up your dropshipping store and start having sales in just 11 minutes.
  • How to spend less on advertising via Facebook ads to attract potential customers.
  • How to earn as much as $10,000.00 in less than 30 days.

Sounds great right? I never imagined that earning $10,000.00 in less than 30 days was possible until it happened to me.

I took Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce Program: What Happened?

I was skeptical at first and doubtful if Lorraine Chen’s program was legit because the results are too good to be true. 

When I finished Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce program, I gained more experience and talents in the field of dropshipping, something I didn’t have before. Working remotely can provide a monthly passive revenue of US$5,000.00 -10,000.00, according to my research.

Later I learned  how to put up a dropshipping business in 3 weeks with only 4-5 hours of work required per week in the comfort of my home.

In less than 30 days, I earned almost $10,000 and I would not be able to generate sales this big,  if I  had not taken the Specter E Commerce of Lorraine Chen, this is really life changing that I keep on bragging about.

I have tried other dropshipping courses before and I was never able to earn this much; only Specter Ecommerce program does. 

The person behind Specter Ecommerce: Lorraine Chen

Running a business without someone to guide you is comparable to a ship with a captain on board. All ship crew will be lost without proper command from an experienced person.

Lorraine Chen is the captain of my ship. Having her on my business journey is something I’m thankful about.

Lorraine is the perfect representation of someone who has a lot to offer yet is willing to impart the knowledge she has. 

You’ll need to have a competent eCommerce advisor to manage an increasingly favored business and acquire more customers online. It’s because your eCommerce advisor will make it easier for you to start and manage an ecommerce business.

Who do you think is the perfect candidate for that? 

I would personally recommend Lorraine Chen and her team, why? 

It’s simply because Lorraine Chen has all the knowledge and experience needed for this.

Lorraine Chen designed Specter Ecommerce for individuals who do not have any professional 

skills, proper knowledge in the field, and for those who are just starting to set up their business.

My review will capture your interest and lead you to choose Lorraine Chen as your best professional ally for achievement, even if you’re an experienced businessperson or a newcomer.

Lorraine Chen is the person behind the Specter Ecommerce dropshipping program.

A successful entrepreneur who started from the bottom of the corporate world upon building the Specter Ecommerce program.

*Trivia: Lorraine Chen used to be an employee at a do-it-yourself beverage store.

She used to work in the beverage  industry and had planned to build a store with a main base. She began learning e-commerce first from the ground up, eventually deciding to develop an online course to assist thousands of individuals in working from home, enjoying independence, and generating income online.

She is indeed a very talented entrepreneur who is also eager to assist you in making your first direct sales a success.

Also, she founded four successful e-commerce businesses, including direct shipping and Amazon FBA.

With all these, we can be certain that she would not only share the amazing aspects of her life, but also her triumphs and flaws.

Lorraine Chen: The Advisor and Expert

A competent eCommerce advisor would never try to deceive you into purchasing their courses by fabricating facts in front of you.

Meeting Lorraine Chen and her Specter Ecommerce Program made me realize what characteristics an online course advisor must  have and their teams. 

  • Lessen the chance of unreasonable (unforeseen) errors.
  • Assist you in obtaining the materials you require and determining what is most important to you.
  • Find the weaknesses in your strategy and provide you with the correct approach.
  • In your position, they want to be a compelling guide.

Lorraine Chen and her team are completely devoted to this task, which is why the result of taking their program is really life changing and can be achieved in a short period.

Let me talk more about Lorraine Chen; let me share how her field of expertise helps in the success of Specter Ecommerce.

1. Customer satisfaction and service

She uses  psychological ideas that can lessen a client’s anxiety. CRO assists you in determining the optimal solution to any company issue. Because customer satisfaction is so important for confirmation, the CRO channel’s final phase will be to produce advocates and social proof. By focusing on CS outcomes, you may increase your lifetime value, attract more repeat clients, and speed up your transactions.

2. Optimizing conversion rates

 She collaborates with mentors to strengthen their conversion strategies, ensuring they are in sync with their acquisition and retention plans. She’ll also create an action plan, prioritizing it, as well as execute the necessary control measures to boost conversion rates. She has held a variety of positions in a fast-paced setting, ranging from expert to president.

Her career in marketing started with hands-on execution, but she soon moved into management.

3. User experience and design

Her e-commerce course collaborates with hundreds of e-commerce specialists, and she can provide comments on site usability modifications that could assist increase engagement and sales.

4. Using Facebook and social media to expand

If you’re interested in expanding your small business, then you need to properly launch an advertising campaign. Lorraine Chen will show you how to find new consumers, cultivate leads, raise brand recognition, and eventually flourish. She can assist you in using effective strategies to expand your small business. 

Before you create a Facebook event, evaluate your clientele, their demographics and statistics, and the marketing objectives you hope to accomplish. For instance, if you want to draw potential customers or boost sales, then consider creating an event to invite them or advertising it on their newsfeed.

More of the Specter Ecommerce Program

I can’t get enough of Lorraine Chen and her work with the Specter Ecommerce program, especially when I made my first  sales, which was two weeks after finishing the course. And I was like, is it real? I have $5,000 already just like that and I don’t even have to go outside.

Drop shipping is the best business model that you can easily own. One of the biggest challenges when starting a business is finding popular and profitable products to sell.

Part of Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce program is finding you the right product to market. So, no need to worry about It. Most of the businesses that offer and sell products fail due to working product acquisition.

Lorraine Chen’s experience in this field  can solve this problem. The good news is that your new product still has a chance to be successfully launched. Her list of ways to build product pages or find products in an e-commerce store will help you get started.

Lorraine helped me put the right product for my dropshipping store and I’m truly amazed how this product could generate a passive income

At Specters  Ecommerce you will also learn the following;

  • Advertisement strategy on Facebook
  • Google’s Marketing Plan
  • Expansion tactics
  • Strategy for your brand
  • Product investigation
  • Choosing a product
  • Create a Shopify store or an online store.
  • Settings for PayPal and Stripe
  • Make your own ad.

Is Lorraine Chen and Specter Ecommerce worth a try?

Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce program will guide you every step of the way and will definitely guide you to keep on earning thousands of dollars, unlike the other courses offered online that will just waste your money and time.

I have learned a lot from Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce, and I do not regret that I took the program. In less than 10 weeks I could finish the program and even after the program Lorraine and her team checked on me and monitored my progress. I can still access the material used in the program. I can use it whenever I need to. 

They also have a 24/7 support group who are willing to assist you whenever you are and whatever race you are from.

I see myself earning more than $100,000.00 a year and in no time I will be able to build my empire and it all thanks to Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce program.

What exactly did I learn from Specter Ecommerce;

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create an internet store with millions of dollars in annual income.
  • Choose products with a high profit margin.
  • Extension via Facebook and other social media platforms
  • You have more control when you own your own internet store.
  • Contact information, product pages, blogs, and other critical information are saved in the online store.
  • Every startup encounters difficulties, and we can only learn how to rebuild it if it fails.

Just like everybody else, I dream of owning a company one day that  has the potential to boost my income or, in the long run, to become my primary source of revenue.

In general, my experience with the Specter Ecommerce dropshipping course was positive. I learned more about drop shipping and how to maintain my drop shipping business. 

If you are reading this and you are looking for a sign to the course, do not hesitate, you will never regret taking this course. 

If you stumble upon this and you want to try something different yet effective,you’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a variety of courses. There are a plethora of courses to pick from, and the amount of e-commerce knowledge you may gain is limitless.

If you take her online course, you’ll discover that you’ll acquire a lot more than you expected.

Overall, I can say that Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce is a promising program; that everyone that aspires to be successful in this field should take this.

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