Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a product that is derived from Cannabis. It has a handful of benefits not only on the human body but also in dogs.

Most pet owners are very familiar with this product. In dogs it is used to alleviate pain, reduce stress and as a treatment for anxiety, joint problems and cancer, to mention a few. Cannabidiol can be given to the dogs as oil or through treats.

For exemplary results to be achieved the right dosage must be administered. Without the right quantity, we will observe cases of overdosing or under-dosing. When less or more drugs are given out to an ailing dog, it has adverse side effects that may ruin your dog’s health further.

Giving the right dosage to your dog might be tricky. Therefore, there are fundamental keys pet parents should consider when administering the drug to their dogs. One reason cbd for pets near me Oil will not give you great results is giving the wrong doses.

Are you issuing out the right dosage to your furry friend? If no or you are not sure, here are the vital keys that will help you in determining the right dosage for your beloved one.

1. Consumption Technique

It can be consumed in divergent ways because it is presented in different ways. CBD is not only manifested in oil but can be presented as capsules, treats, and topical rubs. Giving the drug is the easiest and the most direct way to give Cannabidiol to your dogs. The drug can be administered by a dropper.

You suck in the right amount in the dropper and drop it in the dog’s mouth. The limitation of this method is that some dogs dislike the taste of Cannabidiol making it difficult to administer the drug with this technique. However, this can be reencountered by flavoring it. For instance, flavors like chicken or roasted duck can coax your dog into the medicine.

CBD Hemp oil, topical rubs, treats, and capsules have a different composition of Cannabidiol. The levels of CBD in these products vary. This explains why some products of these should be given in a sizeable amount than the others. The level of Cannabidiol in CBD treats is less concentrated as compared to the oil, therefore more treats should be given to dogs as compared to CBD Oil to achieve the same results.

The level of Cannabidiol in CBD Oil is more concentrated than in treats. This means a little CBD Oil will satisfy your needs of treating your dog. The level of Cannabidiol in CBD treats is less concentrated as compared to the oil, therefore more treats should be given to dogs as compared to CBD Oil to achieve the same results.

CBD Oil is rich in Cannabidiol so a little of it can achieve better results for your dog. The most convenient way to issue out the oil to your dogs is the user of a dropper. It is advisable to use a plastic dropper to avoid injuring your dog in the process. Suck in the right amount in the dropper and press it gently into the mouth of your dog. See this link for more details

2. Your Pet’s Size

Dogs come in different sizes depending on the breed or their health. Some breeds of dogs are huge and muscular like bulldogs as some are tiny like the Chihuahuas. Logically, big dogs will take more CBD Oil than small dogs.

The doses of CBD Oil will vary in your dog’s size. Larger dogs require more CBD Oil for them to realize the full potential of the drug as compared to puppies. Some types of Cannabidiol products come with dosage charts based on the weight of the dogs.

Dogs with more weight are prescribed to take the medication in plenty quantities as compared to canines with less weight. This helps pet parents determine the right dosage for their pets. You should read carefully dosage guidelines to settle on the right quantity for your furry companion.

3. The Intensity of Your Dog’s Condition

There are levels of intensity of sickness. Some conditions are mild as some are severe. In a condition where the sickness is manageable, a low dose of this product can be used in treatment. For canines that suffer from severe conditions, it is recommended to give them a sizeable amount of the dosage.

This helps significantly in alleviating pain in dogs. Some conditions in dogs like anxiety or joint pain require a higher dosage of the medication as compared to other defects. The right dosage that is recommended for ordinary supplementation or light conditions is 2-4 drops administered twice or four times a day are advised.

Giving more of this medication to a canine that requires it in fewer quantities can worsen the condition. You ought to be careful when it comes to treating your beloved one. Click here to read more.


Canines suffer from various health problems that need to be taken care of. No one would love to lose their furry companion to sickness. The only way we can prevent our partners from succumbing to diseases is by selecting the right medication with the right doses.

You should select high-quality CBD Oil for pets. Even with the right doses for your companion, without premium medication, you can achieve better results. The correct dosage comes hand in hand with the correct medication to attain great effects for your beloved one.

Apart from the above-discussed points, perusing keenly the dosage instructions is very fundamental for anyone who owns a good. The instructions are crystal clear and guide you promptly in the process of treating your dog at home. Dog’s dosage can be prescribed in terms of droplets that should be given to the canines. The weight of a dog can determine the quantity of medication it should receive.

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