In this article, we will talk about the Certified Scrum Master Training Course which is being provided on the learning platform of Zeolearn to help you gain the Scrum Master skills and excel the knowledge in landing the job of your dreams. Let’s start with this informative article and learn what this entire course has to offer to you:


A Scrum Master plays a crucial for any organizational team that looks forward to embrace Scrum and reap the benefits. As per the Scrum Alliance latest State of Scrum Report, nearly 85% of survey respondents have taken up the CSM Certification in Abu Dhabi and Scrum Master has been listed as among the top 10 for the most promising jobs on LinkedIn. This comes as no surprise why role of Scrum Master is in such a huge demand.

There are various organizations having big business or small, all are going Scrum and statistics shows that it has reached a high adoption rate of almost 58% across several industries. Some of the top listed companies who use Scrum are ANZ, Dell, Ernst and Young, Google, Honeywell, Siemens, Spotify, and GE Healthcare.

That’s why this platform has brought to you the Certified Scrum Master comprehensive training course in which you will have the best opportunity to build your Scrum Master skills and also the certification on your job profile will pave a lot of big career opportunities for you in future. It will help you land the job of your dreams and in top companies with a promising annual average salary as per your demand in comparison to your non-certified peers. As stats shows above, there are more than 85% of Scrum users who are benefitting from Scrum and they wish to continue embracing it as it has proven to be improving quality of organizations’ work life.


A CSM® certification is a formal designation which is widely accepted across industries to acquire all the requisite knowledge and skills that one need to become a successful Scrum master. A certified ScrumMaster® certification delivers host of benefits for you as an individual Scrum Master and also to your organization. Below listed are some of the individual and organizational benefits you will gain from the certification:


  1. Demonstrate your commitment professional excellence.
  2. Shows you are up to date with the latest in Scrum.
  3. Achieve a high-level of precision in implementing Scrum.
  4. Positive contribution in creation of healthy work culture
  5. Build a high performing Scrum team and enhance collaboration.


  1. Scrum Master acts as the mentor and facilitator and guides the team on Agile Development Path.
  2. Responds to backlogs or blockages during the Product Development Process
  3. Ensures Product delivery on time and their quality to satisfy end-user satisfaction
  4. Being Servant leader serve and uplift the team to work for continuous growth of the organization.


Learn every Scrum fundamentals like its framework, activities, roles and artifacts to kick start any Scrum project

Become a Servant Leader with this certification and lead the Scrum team by adhering to the Scrum principles and practices essential to organization

Know the effective implementation of Scrum; it widened scope and delivery in a wide variety of real world project environments

Act as a facilitator and help cross-functional Scrum teams to deliver high value product releases within less time-to-market

Adapt and ensure to improve transparency in the team and inspect visibility of your team’s work at each level

Identify and eliminate the key impediments and obstacles by self-organizing teams to deliver project on time


There are as such no specific prerequisites to take up the Certified Scrum Master training course. However, for better understanding of the concepts, a prior knowledge of Scrum basics in a real-world context will prove effective.

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