Back to school time is a thrilling time of year where you’re ready for a fresh beginning, new classes, and new exciting interactions: but you might be stuck with the same old electronics and devices. Instead of allowing these old items to slow you down, it’s a good idea to consider upgrading!

These are the top electronics to upgrade or buy when you’re heading back to school!

Portable Hard Drive

Although you may think your computer can handle everything, you’ll be surprised about how quickly you’ll need more space. Whether it’s for school-specific files or for movies, you don’t want to take up room on your computer. A portable hard drive can make a huge difference in how your educational time goes! Try to get one from a reputable company like SanDisk that knows what it’s doing and has perfected these items.

Better Bluetooth Speaker

You don’t have to allow your Google Home or Alexa to be your only Bluetooth speaker! Most of the time, these devices aren’t the best way to listen to music, and the slight buzziness they give off can ruin the vibes when you’re trying to study or focus. Look into getting a Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker! Not only does this have a fantastic range of sound, but it’s also made to last and far more sturdy and reliable than a Google Home or Alexa.

Kindle to Study in Peace

If you have to read a large passage and you’re on your computer or phone: there are countless distractions that are going to slow you down and make it nearly impossible. Instead of allowing this to happen, get a Kindle! You don’t have to buy new ones; in fact, the newer ones are more distracting than the older ones. Just make sure that it has enough space for you to read your textbooks, lessons, and reading materials every semester.  

Protection for Your Privacy

Many students are excited to start using their buy now pay later laptops: but it’s important to consider security with any device that connects to the internet. If someone gains access to your IP address, they can quickly figure out your city and who provides your internet: and with a little sleuthing, they might even figure out what school you go to. Avoid these types of interactions by taking the time to add a VPN to most or all of your devices that you can surf the internet on. This protects you in the long run and ensures you don’t have to worry about getting found when you’re trying to study.

Multiple External Battery Chargers

External battery chargers are a must for any college student on the move! These allow you to continue to work even if the battery on your phone or laptop starts running out. Take the time to set up a charging station in your bedroom or dorm so that you can charge these devices after every use and get them back into fighting shape.  

Going Back to School Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful.

You don’t have to allow school to stress you out! Instead, come prepared and have the tech you need at hand! 

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