Have you been searching for a cigar shop near me? Is it because you want to start a cigar smoke shop? If yes, here is a complete guide to starting a tobacco business with no money and no experience.

Today, we provide you with an in-depth sample smoke shop business plan template. We also analyzed a smoke shop marketing plan backed by actionable marketing ideas for cigar shops.

Guide to starting a smoke shop business

Put on your entrepreneur hat, and let’s get started.

Why start a tobacco business?

Starting a tobacco business can be interesting and rewarding, especially if you locate your cigars rest in strategic places where you can easily attract smokers and cigar lovers. The fact that laws are restricting where people can smoke cigars, cigarettes, tobacco, etc., makes it one of those businesses in high demand and equally profitable.

A cigar lounge or smoke shop is where smokers buy their favorite brand-name products and smoke freely without fear of being embarrassed, arrested, or fined. You would agree that it is now illegal to smoke in public places. The World Health Organization (WHO), along with the governments of several countries, is cracking down on smoking in public places to protect non-smokers from the harmful effects of smoking. However, if you take the time to ask questions, you will discover that there could be a smoke shop just around the corner.

The truth is banning smoking in public places is a blessing in disguise for people intending to start a cigar shop or a lounge. It is not surprising that we have cigar lounges located in strategic locations such as airports, shopping malls, cinemas, etc.

One good thing about starting a smoke shop business is that you are diligent enough and have good business/marketing strategies. You can build the business from a single point of sale to numerous points of sale in different cities in the United States.

States of the sale of the franchise

Opening a smoke shop, just like starting any other business, might not be entirely easy. Still, one thing is certain. It is a straightforward business that can generate huge and steady profits if well-positioned and manage properly. People often think that starting a cigar salon doesn’t require any professional skills; to the true extent, you would still need good business skills and customer service skills to build a profitable business.

So if you are considering opening a cigar shop business, everyone would need some capital to buy or lease/rent a proper facility and purchase furniture. You would also need some additional capital to buy the initial supply of assorted cigars, pay your employees for at least the first three months, and also pay your utility bills. These expenses are called working capital. This article will give you the necessary guidance to launch your tobacco business.

Industry overview

The cigar lounge industry comprises businesses known as smoke shops, bars, or cigar lounges, where customers can freely buy and smoke cigars without fear of violating the law of a country or city. Businesses in this industry generally provide limited food and alcohol services to increase their income generation.

The cigar lounge industry has made a strong comeback in the United States in the last five years as a huge increase in cigar consumption. Consumption has driven the demand for smoke shops. Faced with regulatory hurdles in obtaining an exemption from state indoor smoking bans, industry share and revenue have grown rapidly since 2010.

As the economy continues to grow and improve over the next five years, more consumers are likely to delight in premium cigars in high-end smoke shops, helping the industry maintain its growth.

The cigar lounge industry is a thriving industry. In the United States, Canada, and most European countries, Statistics say that the Cigar Lounges industry in the United States of America is worth $ 2 billion, with an estimated growth rate of 11.0 per hundred.

The data

There are about 7,684 legally registered and licensed cigar shops/cigar store businesses distributed in the United States of America, and they are responsible for employing about 17,980 people.

The truth is that you will not only compete with the cigar halls in your location or city. But you will compete with any other entertainment option, such as wine bars, nightclubs, restaurants, casinos, etc., where cigars are sold and can be smoked freely.

Finally, it is important to state that, to the extent that starting a smoke shop business can be profitable and rewarding. The success of any smoke shop/cigar lounge business in the United States is not automatic. The possibility that the new smoke shops will have problems during the first six months of their launch cannot be ruled out.

It can take anywhere from two to five years before most cigar salons, and similar businesses can recoup their initial investment. In other words, like many new businesses, the statistics for cigar salons do not favor to startups. You only have to have a long-term investment plan if you intend to start your business.

Clients available

In essence, your target market cannot be restricted to just one group of people but to all those who reside in the places where you have your smoking room and who have the purchasing power.

So if you are thinking of opening your cigar shop, you need to make your demographic targets comprehensive. It should include corporate executives, members of society, students, migrants, businessmen, entrepreneurs, celebrities, military men and women, sportsmen and women, tourists, and all adults in the neighborhood where your smoking room will be located.

List niche ideas 

It is important to state that there is no known niche area for the business lounge cigar. All players in this line of business are involved in making available a place where customers can buy and smoke cigars freely without fear of violating the country’s laws or the city.

The level of competition in the cigar industry

The competition in the cigar lounge line of business goes beyond the competition among cigar salons in your location; it is expected to compete with outlets such as nightclubs, bars, hookah bars, breweries/lounges, and others that also sell cigars and cigarettes and others. Therefore, it will be correct to say that the competition in the cigar business is tough.

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