In a historic home, the fireplace is located in the center of a wall. It’s pleasant, but it’s not very practical — it makes the entire wall useless, so it’s not ideal for varied designs.

If at all feasible, relocate the white electric fireplace to the furthest corner of the room. In terms of design, a corner fireplace allows the space to breathe, making the room more flexible, and may appear unexpectedly beautiful. We scoured the internet for the most stunning corner fireplace designs, and we believe you’ll be envious. We most certainly are!

The Penisula For The Fireplace

Who said the corner had to be at the far end of the room? This magnificent corner fireplace exemplifies what can be accomplished with a little spatial inventiveness. Consider this amazing example – open on three sides, surrounded by the endless firmness of black marble – if you’re thinking about pulling down an adjoining wall between two rooms. The textured wall is stunning, adding an organic feeling of movement and fluidity to this divider peninsula. Light interacts with textured shadows in a liquid churning of magnetic motion, softening as the breadth extends down toward the bottom.

The LED lighting around the feature wall adds a chilly frostiness to the upper wall’s relaxing dune-like asymmetry, sliding down into warmth as we approach the bottom. The ornamental vase is a finely blown tear-drop that rests on the highly polished stone hearth’s reflecting surface. What’s not to love about this fantastic fireplace that both warms the area and graces the opulent surroundings? The shag-pile carpet is an unappealing hue that appears discordant and flat against the eye-catching fireplace, yet no other carpet density would do in this sumptuous showroom of fundamental extravagance.

Rustic Woodburner

This rustic environment is both comfortable and unique. The surrounding expanse of raw, reclaimed wood is immediately contrasted with the luxurious club chair and chintzy footstool’s softened velveteen fabric. The basic lamp has been ruffled with lush texture to add tactile contrast to this otherwise minimalist area. The corner wood-burner is elevated on a stone hearth, providing a log-storage cubby hole. The fact that it’s hidden away in the corner keeps the area seeming big, even though it’s also snug. The gleaming black of the steel chimney shaft contrasts sharply with the multi-grained coloring of the hardwood wall covering. Soft rugs for the floor and knitted, patterned blankets provide a Bohemian sense of security to this domestic snug if your house is super-rustic.

When The Corner Isn’t Actually In The Corner

To mix things up a little, here’s a concept for incorporating corners into a fireplace where the chimney cannot be moved away from the center of the room. These affectionate kitties clearly like the warmth of the highest shelf above the fire, and it’s easy to understand why. This corner fireplace is elegant and eye-catching, and it is certain to elicit the word “wow” from anybody who enters this magnificent modern living room. The bricking of the firebox is a rustic hint to the building’s guts, which are covered in expertly placed, freshly skimmed plaster. The log chasm is bordered in black to match the gleaming surround that encircles the fireplace. This fire is kept behind glass, so it creates enough heat without emitting the odor of a regular, open firepit.

The inherent beauty of dancing flames contrasts with the intentionally chosen right-angles that encircle this beautiful fireplace, creating a focal point that will make people want to linger.

Beauty In A Nutshell

This free-standing circular wood burner is ideal for softening the rough edges it hides. The way the curves of the burner contrast against the abrupt corner of the room works particularly nicely with this model. The round hearthstone that clearly demarcates this place for homey heating rounds out the nook even further. The flue’s gleaming steel vanishes into the wall, sinking into a mirrored circle, lending a touch of mystique to this most circular of corner warming stations. The stacked logs beneath the burner add an unexpected rusticity to this curation of curves and man-made metals, connecting the elemental force of fire with this seductive swell of household drama.

The Modern

While this isn’t precisely in the room’s typical “corner” (it’s not in the corner at all), it is a three-dimensional feature with lots of corners to enjoy. With its clear glass chimney and coffee table style, this central, contemporary fireplace is magnificent. What room wouldn’t come alive with a fireplace like this one? It employs mirrors and glass in ways that you wouldn’t normally connect with fire, yet this unexpected focal point provides a delightful, primitive dissonance to this minimalist living area. This isn’t your typical wood-burning fire; it’s activated by pressing a button and comes to life instantly. Once upon a time, gas fireplaces were more useful than appealing, but this stunning surround fills the space with heat, light, and flair. The laminate flooring is spotless, and when reflected in the fire surround, this fireplace appears to float in mid-air.

Curves That Are Sexy

This fireplace appears to pulse in time with the building’s heartbeat. The brickwork bends not just around the chimney, but also in sync with the curving lintel that sexily frames the upper lip of the firepit — this is some pretty skilled craftsmanship! The exposed brickwork is inviting, and the random scatter of tonal diversity in the bricks gives this magical fireplace a particular sense of gingerbread in the darkest children’s fables. This blazing fire will undoubtedly raise emotions in this wooded home. Another allusion to the annularity of this gorgeous corner fireplace is the adorable cubby holes for keeping logs in the hearth.

Return To Tradition

This corner fireplace, tucked into the edge of the room, is a pleasant return to normalcy in comparison to some of the more bizarre concepts we’ve come across thus far. The fireplace’s gaping mouth is accented by a right angle that sexily spans the whole height of the wall towards the ceiling like a neck. The warm cream walls are a trendy modernistic accent that contrasts with the rawness of fire in an interior environment. The hearthstone, which is wedged between the firebox and the flooring, is a wonderful piece that conveys endless width beyond the room’s corner.

Behind the raging fire, the expanse of black feels vast and strange. The use of black on white is quite successful here, adding a balance of tonal color to this wide range of whites. The wicker seats seem a little out of place in this modern area, but they lend some warmth to this palette of chilly hues. The parquet flooring is amazing, giving this fantastic area a very domestic sense.

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