In the modern world, we face stressful situations every day. It’s hard to avoid them completely. But it’s possible to learn how to cope with them. Prolonged negative effects on our nervous system can lead to serious illnesses and disorders.

Calming Down in a Minute

Some situations require maximum concentration in the shortest possible time. But what to do if you are nervous or anxious? There are some simple and effective solutions:

  • Hand massage. According to a recent study by scientists at the University of Miami, it affects depression and relieves anxiety.
  • Proper breathing. This is one of the best options and can be applied anytime and absolutely anywhere. All you have to do is concentrate. What’s the point: breathe in deeply for ten seconds and exhale slowly for eight. Repeat several times and the result will not be long in coming. By the way, this practice is actively used in yoga. It’s important to focus exactly on the breath and try to distract from negative thoughts.
  • Music. It’s scientifically proven that it has the ability to influence the chemical composition of the body cells. Listening to your favorite song will help to calm down, and improve your mood. The disadvantage of this method is that in a crowded place you will need headphones, but nowadays, it’s difficult to find a person who doesn’t have them.
  • Hugs. Researchers from the University of North Carolina conducted an experiment in which they proved that hugging lowers blood pressure and reduces heart rate. And that naturally helps us feel calmer.

What’s more, you can try something you enjoy. For some, it can be gambling at PlayAmo, for others, it’s reading or chatting with relatives.

Emergency measures are good in the short term. But stress is often a deeper problem that needs to be taken seriously.

How to Avoid Making the Situation Worse?

Impulsivity is inherent in many people. Slam the door loudly, cut ties and so on. But it’s worth it to calm down and there is regret about what you’ve done. There is no need to resolve problems “off the top of your head”, it can aggravate the situation, add unnecessary stress.

Some people, on the contrary, try to ignore irritating factors for as long as possible, endure, accumulate all in themselves. Such a person becomes withdrawn, irritable. Soon the stress may turn into a real depression.

The golden mean is important everywhere. You have cooled down, what to do next?

Decide on Your Current Tasks

You need to sit down and think about what in your life causes discomfort. It’s better to write everything down in a notebook, it increases the chance that you will not give up. Sort the problems by importance and only then proceed to the solution.

It’s important to properly assess abilities and capabilities. A large number of tasks will reduce productivity and cause more stress.

What and When It’s Better to Do

Negativity can come from work or from home, it can be caused by people or incidents. Initially, if possible, try to get rid of the irritant. However, this is often impossible. In this case, methods that strengthen the nervous system will help.

Often we don’t think about the impact on our health of a healthy sleep or exercise. Minor actions, such as walking in the fresh air, bring great benefits to the body. It’s necessary to develop positive qualities in yourself.

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