The love of your life asked you the big question, and you said Yes. Now it is time to shop to find the perfect engagement ring. Engagement and other parties can be very exciting, but finding an engagement ring can be pretty stressful.

No engagement event is complete without an engagement ring, and everyone wants their ring to be exactly what they have dreamt of. Over that, if you are trying to get a diamond engagement ring, then you have to be more careful and vigilant.  A lot of things need to be considered prior to the purchase of the engagement ring. So here is an extensive guide that will help you overcome all the hurdles you might face during your search for an ideal engagement ring.

Guide to Buy the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring:

An engagement ring is as important as a wedding, and both the engagement and wedding ring difference is a lot. So if you are trying to look for an engagement ring, follows are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

Set a Budget:

When you buy the diamond engagement ring, the first thing you need to set is the budget; only then will you be able to find the perfect ring for yourself. You need to see that the stones, metals, making of the ring, and everything else falls under your budget. It will help you be lea with the things you will be looking for, and your mind won’t get cluttered with many ideas.

Narrowing Down the Shape of the Ring:

The first and foremost thing is to sleet the shape of the ring. It will give you an idea of the pricing of the engagement ring. The oval or round diamond engagement rings can be pretty expensive, whereas the pear or square-shaped ones are relatively cheaper.

You also need to determine the size of the stone as it will also give you an idea of the shape and structure you want to go for. Before you go out and start looking for your engagement ring, try to learn about different shapes and wear different shape rings to figure out the shape you like the most.

Choosing the Metal for the Band:

Another thing you need to determine is the metal for the engagement ring’s band. Some of the metals that are typically used are yellow gold, white gold and platinum and nowadays, rose gold is introduced in the market.

If you are shopping for diamond rings, the best option can be either white gold or platinum as they will complement the diamond well. But platinum is very rare to find and can be very expensive. Apart from this, some metals are low quality and get scratched easily. Therefore, you need to check everything and ensure that everything comes within your budget.

Know about the Carat and Size of the Ring:

One thing that is important when shopping for the diamond engagement ring is the carat and size of the stone. Some people look for the clearest stone they can find, and some don’t care about the quality; all they want is a big stone on their ring.

You need to be clear about the size and the weight, as this will affect the pricing of the rings.

Color of the Ring:

After selecting the shape and the size of the stone, you have to pick the ring’s color. If you are going for a diamond ring, then the best option can be to get a clear and transparent diamond. It will show the real state of the diamond.

But if you want, you can definitely get a colored diamond, but it will cost you more. You also can choose the shade or the band, and if you want to make your ring more colorful, you can add different gemstones with it.

Quality of the Diamond:

Buying a diamond engagement ring at your favorite nearby jewelry store is a great investment, and you don’t want to get a low-quality diamond when you are purchasing the diamond look for the 4C’s. 4C’s stand for the Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color of the diamond. If the cut of the stone is good and it reflects the light properly, then this means that the quality is fine. Furthermore, check for the clarity and transparency and the clear white color of the diamond. All of the parameters will give you an idea of whether the diamond is of good quality or not.

Proper Measurements of the Ring:

Imagine you found the ideal ring for your engagement, and on the engagement, when your partner is giving you a ring, the ring is too small that it won’t fit, or the ring is so loose that it falls as soon as you wear it. How much embarrassment would you feel? To be safe from any of these situations happening on your big day, you must give the proper measurements for the ring.

The ring should be snug, and you should feel comfortable when you wear it. When getting the ring, give your ring the proper size and recheck it to ensure that they don’t have the wrong size.

Stackable Engagement Ring:

While the process of getting engaged is really exciting, the main thing is the wedding and the wedding band. The wedding band is the most important in your marriage; when purchasing the engagement ring, consider a ring that can go well with your wedding ring. read more here

The best thing you can do is get a ring that is easily stackable and goes with any other ring style. It will keep you on the safe side, and in future, you can easily pair it up with your wedding ring.


When you shop for diamond engagement rings for women, you need to keep in mind many things, such as the color, shape, designs, and many other things. You want that your ring is perfect and something you have dreamt of, so for that, the guide given above will help you figure out all the crucial things that you need to know while shopping for the diamond engagement ring.

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