Lace front wigs and lace part wigs are the two most popular wigs available in the market. Both types of wigs have certain features that make them different.

In our article, we will briefly discuss those differences. We hope this will give you a more clear concept of those two types of wigs.

1. The lace area is different

The lace area is different for the two types of wigs. Lace part wigs have a tiny amount of lace that only covers the hairline around the forehead.

In contrast, lace front wigs have a bigger lace cap base covering the entire headline and the part of your hair, just like full lace human hair wigs. So, if you want to have a natural appearance, you should pick lace front wigs.

2. Convenience is different

The lace areas and the convenience of the two types of the wig are also distinct.

Because the lace part wigs merely have a little lace in the middle, they are easier to wear than the lace front wigs.

You can easily wear it. First, place it on your head, tighten the straps, and fasten it with combs. The final step is to reduce the surplus lace without bleaching or glue it. So, if you want to wear a wig easily, you can pick lace part wigs over lace front wigs.

3. Tearing tolerance ability is different 

Tearing tolerance ability is also different between two wigs. Because of the presence of the lace section, lace front wigs may endure tearing better than lace part human hair wigs.

So, if you want to buy one of the two wigs, consider this feature. Hence, pick lace front wigs instead of lace part wigs.

4. Parting

Parting is also a distinction between lace front and part wigs. In this criteria, lace front wigs are ahead of lace part wigs.

Due to the lace area on lace front wigs being bigger than lace part wigs, you can do free parting, three-parting, and middle parting. So, you can choose a lace front wig if the parting of the wig is your priority.

5. Durability

When we buy a wig, we always consider the durability factor. The durability period is also different for those two types of wigs.

The lace front wigs are more durable than other lace part wigs because they are better attached to the head.

The wearer can even go swimming or partake in other intense workouts without the danger of wigs dropping or being harmed.

You will not get such facilities from lace part wigs. The lace area of lace part wigs is smaller; thus, you can’t carry it with yourself the entire day. It also has less durability than lace front wigs. So, if you want a wig that will last long, then a lace front wig is your answer.

6. Hairstyle Adjustment

Ladies love to adjust their hairstyle according to different situations. They love to have the freedom of choosing their favourite hairstyle. So, if you also want to have the same freedom, you should pick lace front wigs.

You may design several hairstyles with lace front wigs, including a back high ponytail. You can adopt any hairstyle you like after wearing lace front wigs.

However, you can only comb the middle or side part when utilizing lace part wigs. Thus, it will restrict your freedom to select any hairstyle

Hence, if you want to comb different hairstyles, you’re bored with the same hairstyle, and you don’t mind spending money, lace front wigs are a good solution.

7. Cost

Cost is significant when you select a wig. Normally, people love to select cheaper wigs to save money. But you have to compromise with quality when buying a cheaper wig. The situation between lace front and part wigs is also the same.

Because of the lace region, lace front wigs are normally more expensive than lace part wigs. However, you should not dismiss lace front wigs because of their competitively higher price. Lace front wigs have several plus points that justify their comparatively high price.

If you want a more breathable and durable wig and want to wear it to all of your typical activities, you should choose lace front wigs.


Lace front and lace part wigs are two different types of wigs in the market. You can easily wear lace part wigs, which are cheaper than frontal lace wigs. However, lace front wigs have several advantages over lace part wigs.

However, in terms of realistic outlook, style adjustment, durability, tearing tolerance, lace front wigs are better than lace part wigs. Even Though lace front wigs are a little more expensive than lace part wigs, they are made from better quality materials. You will feel much more comfortable after wearing it. Hence, we recommend you buy lace front wigs over lace part wigs.

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