If you want your house to be a residential paradise, you must ensure that you get rid of all the pollen, dust, dander and other irritants. These irritants can reduce the air quality, resulting in a poor home environment. Although air filters can help, they might not be able to trap irritants. So, you require powerful air purifiers like a hepa  air purifier, ultraviolet air purifier, etc. You can look for them in various online stores. You can ensure that they have the ability to filter out hair, dirt, mould, germs, viruses and so forth. In a nutshell, these air purifiers will get rid of the contaminants from the air. You can find them as small, large, or stand-alone units attached to the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC). There are several types of air purifiers, so read further and learn about them.

  1. Ultraviolet air purifiers: Ultraviolet air purifiers or UV air purifiers utilise ultraviolet light to remove pathogens, potentially harmful viruses, and bacteria from your house. Thanks to the hospitals with the special UV lights, the UV air purifiers were inspired. The special UV light bulbs in the hospital assisted in disinfecting laboratories and patient rooms. Similarly, these purifiers help in getting rid of any germs or dirt. What’s more, they are compact and small machines, consisting of a chamber filled with ultraviolet light. This chamber allows the air to be filtered in your home and the ultraviolet light eliminates pathogens by breaking the DNA molecules. The cost of this purifier can range from 50 dollars to 800 dollars depending upon your preferred model.
  2. Ionic air purifiers: One of the quietest air purifiers is the ionic air purifier. After emitting negative ions and bonding with positively charged ones, the dust and other airborne particles become heavy and drop out of the air. Furthermore, you can operate these purifiers without a motor efficiently. Some comprise electrostatic precipitators that can trap the positively charged particles inside a metal plate. The cost ranges from 30 dollars to 300 dollars, which entirely depends upon the size and model you purchase. You will find many models with larger sizes and separate devices to be placed at home. Additionally, you can search for a self-cleaning purifier that utilises ionic technology.
  3. HEPA air purifiers: Purchasing a hepa air purifier means attaining an air purifier with HEPA technology. So, what exactly is HEPA technology? With this technology, you can ensure that 99.7 per cent of the particles (larger than 0.2 microns) are eliminated from your house. It is efficient and effective in removing dust, pollen, dander, mould, and other particles from the air. You can find these purifiers in a price range of 30 dollars to 300 dollars. Well, it entirely depends upon the model you purchase. But you must make sure that you buy a high-quality one. Due to the HEPA technology, they are popular and a favourite among many.
  4. Activated carbon air purifiers: With the help of the activated carbon air purifiers, you can ensure that the smoke, fumes, odours, and gasses will be eliminated from the inside of your house. If you are sensitive to natural gas or smoke, you must purchase an activated carbon air purifier. Several of these purifiers consist of HEPA filters that can eliminate air particles. They are priced at 100 dollars and higher. To remove odours and smells, you can rely on them, but they are less effective in eliminating dander, dust, pollen, and other particles from the air. So, it is a must to purchase a purifier with a HEPA filter.

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