Increase your conversions by gaining the digital shelf. Make sure your listings are visible, appealing, and look accurate to the consumers. Digital shelf performance increases the conversion and protects the brand’s integrity on Amazon through an organic and real-time view of the marketplace trend.

Understanding the product performance through the retail outlet is sensitive to growing sales. By pursuing the performance metrics involving competitor piercing, the share of digital shelf, out of stock, and many more, you will understand the optimization of the page.

  • Share of Digital Shelf report

Giving visibility about the brands and the products has the larger contribution of results for giving terms or shelf pages and whether the products are sponsored or organic.

  • Out of Stock Report

Check about the products across competitors’ products in stock or out of stock. Access inventory trends and values about which retailer or product tends to have challenges regarding stock.

  • Pricing Report

For a specific product, take a snapshot about its pricing and value for a product assortment across retailers to show irregular, volatile or competitive pricing situations.

  • Product Dashboard

Covering all business-critical KPIs is essential to keep track of digital shelf analysis, content health, pricing, etc. When products are placed on the digital shelf it attracts customers. This advanced software gives brands an edge over competitors and boosts revenues. Retailers can track and monitor product performance from the dashboard.

  • Buy Box Report

Get boundaries about the 1st and 3rd parties and win the buy box on the retailer site by offering the minimum price and reviews.

  • Rating Reports

Create a CVS report or custom excel using any of the data points stored for the products.

  • Report Builder

Identify the chances to interact with the customer’s feedback and super into struggling products. Getting the consumer response helps in improving the business performance.

Price Monitoring Software

Retail monitoring is also price monitoring. This is an analysis process of opponent products prices. By using the price monitoring software, you can optimize your policy.

It is possible to find the price monitoring software. But is hard to find the software having all the plugins of opera, chrome, Firefox, etc., also provide to the company many special reports like CVS or PDFs.

Price Monitoring Helpful for the Company

  • Internal Analysis

Price monitoring helps to analyze the past of pricing, also the marketing plans. In addition to the brand value and product rotation, price tracking mainly gives help in making effective pricing and advantages.

  • Market Competition Analyzer

Many e-commerce and marketing strategy experts say that competitive price analysis gives information about competitors. The cost of product and checking of cost, product analysis is the important marketing strategy process.


Always keep the company in a competitive position above all monitoring software. It also saves time and effort. In terms of labor and cost, it contributes to the company. It also provides the managers with many databases and reports.

In a nutshell,

The digital shelf has promptly developed the e-commerce industry. It is an interactive way to engage the customers. Shoppers can discover and buy the product. The digital shopping shelf enhances the user experience which increases sales.

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