When you watch a movie, many elements combine that help to create a special viewing experience. Whether movies are watched at the cinema or home, all these individual elements must be just right to win the public over. Fine acting and a great story are a must, along with great cinematography – play at wizardslots.

Music can help build tension and emotions and great sound engineering can add atmosphere to scenes as well. Sound effects in a battle scene can help place the viewer in the thick of the action.

Slot Games and Sound Effects 

Slots are a form of mass entertainment just like movies, and they also utilize music and sound effects to enhance the gaming experience, rather than the viewing experience of films. Admittedly, slot players are continuously focused on their casino balance and on hitting bonus rounds. But players are still more likely to return to a game that contains superior graphics, music, and great sound effects. 

Getting The Balance Right 

When it comes to sound effects in slot games, the trick is to get the balance right and create sound effects that are subtle and not overpowering. It is all about merging all these elements seamlessly that helps to create a superior gaming experience. 

Butterfly Staxx Slot 

Some fine examples of games with great sound effects and sound engineering in general, include Butterfly Staxx by NetEnt. This beautifully designed game is full of tropical flowers and butterflies. The visuals are bursting with colour and the animated butterflies are incredibly relaxing to watch. However, when you add the soothing music and the shimmering sound effects of the stacks of butterflies fluttering across the reels, then you have an extremely artful slot game on your hands. 

Book of Dead Slot 

Book of Dead by Play’ n Go exudes class when it comes to production design. Great visuals are complemented by a classic Egyptian theme, and when the books land on the reels, the haunting sound effects prepare you for the bonus round. 

Jungle Spirit: Call of The Wild Slot 

Another game that gets all the elements right is NetEnt’s jungle-themed, Jungle Spirit: Call of The Wild. Apart from superior imagery, the sound effects of the various jungle inhabitants such as the Tiger’s roar help to create a superior jungle atmosphere. 

New Research 

Recent research has unveiled that sound effects do more than just enhance the gaming experience of slot players. A study by the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland in Australia and the University of Waterloo in Canada discovered that slot players gain arousal from playing slots. Furthermore, win sound effects heighten these arousal levels along with the music that accompanies these games. 

This discovery is good and bad for the industry because slot developers want to create a fully immersive gaming experience, but gamers risk getting addicted to the enhanced gaming high they experience from sound effects and music alone. Therefore, the UK Gambling Commission recently announced that games will have to remove ‘any sounds or imagery which give the illusion of a win when the return is, in fact, equal to or below the original stake value.’ Whether this makes any difference to player arousal levels remains to be seen.

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