When it comes to green screen videos, the background can make or break the production. If you want your green screen videos to look professional and be of high quality, then you need to think about what type of green screen background suits your needs. For example, if you are filming a green screen video in front of a green wall with no other object on camera for reference, people watching the video may have trouble figuring out where to focus their gaze. When this happens viewers tend to lose interest in the content presented because they cannot easily figure out what is happening. This means that green backgrounds without objects or landmarks do not work well for green screen videos, unless these types of green screens are used as temporary studio backdrops for special effects.

In addition, green screen backgrounds should not have any glare from the light being used to light the green screen. A green screen that has a white or shiny appearance will cause a reflection of green color in your green screen video. This is another reason why green walls, green doors and painted green floors do not work well as they usually end up looking bad because of reflections.

How to choose a good green screen background

  • The best way for you to make sure that the green screen background you use looks professional is to try and place as many objects on camera as possible so there are things for people watching your videos to focus their attention on. For example, by placing different colored boxes with numbers on them in front of your green screen can provide something for your green screen audience to focus on. Make sure that the green color in the green screen video matches the green color of the objects you are using as markers so people watching understand what they are supposed to be focusing on.
  • Having green screen videos with this background will ensure that people who watch it will have no trouble understanding where to look or what they should focus their attention on. This will make green screens much easier for viewers to view, which is very important if you want them to enjoy your content and keep coming back for more.


Q: What green screen backgrounds work best?

A: Green screen background can add or distract from green screen videos. Be careful when choosing green screen background.

Try placing green objects in front of green screens for reference so people watching green screen content can focus on them and understand what they should be looking at.

Q: Are green screens actually green?

A: Yes- green screens are usually lit with a green light, which is the reason why it looks green even if there are other colors in the background wall/door/floor etc.

Q: Why do I need to use LED lighting for my green screen instead of fluorescent lights?

A: Fluorescent lights are not ideal to use when filming with a green screen because green is one of three primary colors which means green light can travel through green screens and create green shadows around the green screen objects.

This makes green screens appear less green, especially with certain green screen backgrounds. LED lighting ensures that green light cannot travel through green screens. This prevents green reflections created by fluorescent lights from appearing on your content, increasing production value.

Q: Why are green screen videos usually used for special effects?

A: Green screen videos are most often used for special effects because it’s easier to place something in front of a green screen rather than trying to find another background color that “works” for video footage behind the object. For example, if you were filming a person wearing blue against a red wall, then any green objects (like green screens) that are in the green screen video would either look purple or green.


When green screens are used correctly, green screen videos can be incredibly effective. If green screens are not done well, green screen videos is just poor quality content that do not meet the standards of someone watching it for entertainment.

Green screens should have green objects placed in front of them to give people an idea of where to look or what they should focus on when you film green screen footage, so keep this in mind when choosing green screen backgrounds! Try placing green objects around your green screens if you don’t have a green wall/door/floor etc. That way you won’t end up with glare behind important objects (and people) which will ensure that your green screen video is worth watching and sharing with others!

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