If you are a remote worker and operate through a virtual office, you must have remote employees; possibly from different parts of the world. Having remote employees is great as it offers a lot of benefits. You do not have to own a physical office where they can gather. Instead, you can use a virtual office and manage them remotely. Moreover, it saves you on a lot of logistics, electrical, and mess expenses. Have you ever wondered if remote employees are too good to have, why do these huge corporate offices not operate remotely?

 One of the reasons is that allowing your employees to work remotely raises the risk of unproductivity. One might get lazier when allowed to work remotely. There is less chance of adequate supervision, which means they can easily get distracted. However, as a small business owner, not everyone can afford office space. Having a virtual office is one of the best solutions for entrepreneurs and startups. They are an excellent way to cut unwanted expenses. Therefore, what can you do to keep your remote employees motivated as a small business owner?

In this article, we have gathered some hacks and techniques which have proven effective to keep remote workers motivated.

Appreciating your remote employees

It is often noticed that remote employees are kept outside of the appreciation circle, and receive less attention than in-house employees. Changing this tradition is the beginning of having motivated and focused remote workers. Here is a quick that will show you how you can keep your remote employees motivated:

  1.   Care packages: Jonathan Wesley, who is the HR Manager at UK Writings, says that people love getting care packages. These care packages can be anything that can make your employees feel valued and heard. For instance, you can send them a care package with hand sanitizer, soap, and some handkerchiefs to show that you care for them. Another example would be sending them gloves and a coffee jar in winter to make them feel valued. You can make this care package according to your creativity; just make sure you send them something to show you “care.”

2. Reward programs:

Not just remote, but every employee loves to receive rewards for their hard work. When you create a quarterly or annual reward program for your employees, do not forget to include your remote workers. This practice increases employees’ loyalty and engagement with the company.

3. Games and contests:

No matter how old they are, everyone loves to play fun games. You can hold virtual games and contests for your remote employees, where you can offer them great prices, titles, or badges. Games and contests are a great way to make your employees feel welcomed and engaged. Moreover, games at your workplace and between your employees will enhance their understanding and improve communication skills. It will also increase social network addiction at the workplace. Such activities make a person feel at home, rather than just feeling like they work at a boring workplace.

4. Personalized gifts

You might have seen that most companies get their logos printed on t-shirts, stickers, or goodies uniquely. Once you get to know your employees, the things they like, movies they watch, celebrities they follow – you can give them personalized gifts about something they are passionate about. They can be anything like clothing, diaries, pens, planners, journals, coffee mugs, key chains, etc. More information visit this site: mynewsport

5. Technology Packets:

While you want them to keep working and stay motivated, what is better than technology goodies? This can include stuff like USB drives, cables, a wireless mouse, Bluetooth devices, speakers, and much more. It will allow your employees to grow outside the office. Moreover, it shows an encouragement to maintain a healthy work-life balance. When your employees will be less stressed, they will perform better and have greater job satisfaction.

6. Snack packs:

This gift of appreciation is the simplest and easiest. If you are on a budget and cannot decide what to give them, a snack basket is the best option. You can never go wrong with a basket of snacks for your remote workers. The best option would be to treat your workers with healthy snacks like dry fruits, nuts, low calories munchies, fruits, and vegan snacks. Visit this site for more information: rtsnet

7. Home office accessories:

There is no doubt that your remote workers cannot work without adequate home accessories. Therefore, why not give them accessories that they can use at their home office? These accessories include a table lamp, stress ball, pendulum balls, etc. Click here and show more information: newstheater

Lastly, just be there for your remote employees. Treat them with utmost importance and answer their questions and concerns as soon as you can. Ensure that they get quick responses, no matter what time it is. Check with your virtual office service provider and set up a live chat system where your team can be in contact at once. For more information visit this site: coschedules

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