The first thing that comes to mind even before one undertakes Implementing SAFe training is if the certification is worth all the effort. But the answer to that is quite simple for anyone working in the area of Lean, Agile, DevOps, SAFe, and more. Undertaking the course allows the professional to gain a deeper and robust knowledge of the various Lean and Agile practices and principles. The certification is also a formal recognition of the heightened skill set of the individual that makes them relevant in the marketplace. The certification also enables one to take further steps for professional development.

Market value

The SAFe or DevOps practitioner certification provides immense market value to the professional to drive an organization towards adopting Agile practices. The certification is a good way to showcase your capabilities to the world as not everyone can pass these certifications. The certification is nowadays fast becoming a prerequisite to gain the best jobs that pay much better than to a non-certified professional with the same kind of experience. Many assignments require such certified professionals and their demand is quite high. The certification can also help one to support and train others in Lean and Agile principles.

Should you undertake the certification?

Implementing SAFe training is best for people who have some experience of the Agile way of working and its general environment. People who have experience of working with Kanban or Scrum have a better chance to understand the course and gain the most from it. The course also requires the professional to have a few years of experience working with multiple teams. Hands-on experience of such an environment will provide the necessary insights into its rituals, practices, roles, and more. This prior experience will make the certification easier to understand and pass after the four-day training schedule.

Trainer or trainee

The most interesting aspect of undertaking the DevOps practitioner certification is the chance to turn into consultants. This role allows a professional to support and train individuals or organizations to adopt the Lean and Agile principles and practices. It allows one to help others understand clearly the rather complex Scaled Agile Framework. This is a good way to upskill the organization and economically gain a higher-level job. As the organization adopts Agile practices, these professionals will discover many more things to improve and create more opportunities that help others and the business to grow.

Grow your network

Implementing SAFe training provides every participant a chance to engage with 30 other participants with a similar mindset. These professionals are all in one place to learn and upgrade their skills and knowledge on their initiative. This creates a special atmosphere where the first steps of collaboration are learned and applied in the Agile environment. Clearing the course and gaining the certification provides one access to a global network of professionals who can help in many ways. Such international peers have considerable levels of experience that can help create a lot of creativity and enthusiasm to undertake any project.

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