The final stage of the UPSC Examination is unlike any other stage. The interview board consists of experts who will ask questions as per the Detailed Application Forms (DAF) that is filled after the UPSC Mains.

The objective of the interview is to assess whether the candidate has the necessary mental calibre, intelligence and emotional quotient to be a part of the Civil Services.

They also assess how well  candidates can handle pressure, so it can be safely assumed that it will be a stress-interview of sorts.

On a related note, the UPSC results have been released officially. Candidates can take a look at the latest results by visiting the linked article.

What is the purpose of the UPSC Interview?

The main purpose of the UPSC interview is to see how candidates put forward their thoughts and knowledge in a balanced, articulate manner. In short, the candidates’ knowledge and effective communication skills are put to the test.

Mere static knowledge gleaned from books and magazines are not enough for a future civil servant, the overall personality also needs to be assessed. That is the reason why interviews for UPSC are conducted.

Now that the importance of the UPSC interview has been elaborated upon, it is time to get some tips on de-stressing during and after the UPSC interview.

Tips to overcome stress before and during the UPSC Interview

The following tips must be kept in mind before the interview:

  • Self analyse your own personality traits. That way, you can work on your strengths and weaknesses which will help during the interview. An aspiring candidate must have a positive attitude and a sound decision making ability, which to an extent, can be cultivated by self-introspection.
  • Prepare your DAF in a precise manner as it contains details about your academic achievements, qualifications, optional subject, hobbies & interest etc. It gives an initial glimpse about your personality and your interview will be conducted based on it. Thus, ensure that the information in the DAF is without any mistakes.
  • Enrol for mock interviews, as it will give you valuable feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you in preparing for the actual UPSC interview.

The following tips must be kept in mind during the interview:

  • Keep in mind that you will be under constant observation the moment you enter the interview room. Your communication skills, body language, facial expressions etc., will be assessed. So, a little bit of practice will be helpful.
  • Maintain eye-contact with the board members. Even though the question is asked by one board member, the other members are also engaged through eye-contact, especially the board’s Chairperson.
  • Answer to the point and try not to show off your knowledge as it may give a negative impression to the interview board.
  • It is alright to accept a mistake or lack of knowledge. Do not get stressed out by how you can justify your lack of knowledge. Accepting your mistakes will only give a positive impression to the panelists.
  • Do not get irritated when the Board interrupts your talk and cuts off your ‘answer’. The Board always keeps you in the twilight of confidence and nervousness. This is the tactic that every interviewing authority should pursue, since this alone allows the interviewer to correctly assess the candidate’s personality.

Keeping the above tips in mind the candidates can ace the interview with flying colours. You can go through the UPSC Marksheet on the given link which is released by the commission, post the interview process.

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