Among the many casino games, “Baccarat ” is the most famous card game. Baccarat is as popular and well-known as the well-known poker and blackjack. At land casinos, most of the tables are so popular that they are baccarat.

No complicated strategy is required for baccarat! It is a card game with a decisive luck factor, where victory or defeat is almost determined by luck. If you are interested in playing บาคาร่าออนไลน์ (online baccarat) games, you need to learn baccarat basic information and rules. That’s why the articles will explain the flow of the game and some tips to play casino baccarat.

How to bet on Baccarat:

The primary betting method for Baccarat is straightforward. The reason is that you only have to predict whether the player side will win or the banker side will win and bet. Baccarat is usually done at casinos; if the bunker wins, a fee of about 5% will be deducted. The card ranks in Baccarat are as follows.

  • K to 10 are counted as 0
  • 9 to A are counted as they are

Unlike Blackjack, A has no additional effect, and you can think of it as it is.

How to bet that you can earn with baccarat?

To learn วิธีเล่นบาคาร่า (how to play baccarat), you need to understand the characteristics of baccarat. Make sure you know the winning percentage and return rate as essential characteristics.

Betting based on that understanding is the basis of earning money with baccarat. Bet on a banker with a high winning percentage. Player- 44.62%, bunker-45.86%, and Thailand (draw) – 9.25%.  There is a difference between the winning percentages of player bets and banker bets.

The winning percentage of player bets is 44.62%, while the winning percentage of bunker bets is 45.86%. The winning percentage of Taibetto is deficient as 9.52% is. This means that bunker betting is one of the effective ways to earn because of its high winning percentage. One of the reasons bunker bets are advantageous is that you get a 5% commission when you win a bunker bet.

Gambling that values the flow of the game:

Since the same roll is repeated 5 times, you will predict that it will be the same roll next time and bet on it. Such a bet is described as chasing a sword. On the contrary, since it came out 5 times, it is said that it is cut off to predict that a different result will come out next time.

Basically, baccarat players often allow them to follow the flow depending on the situation. Many players’ place bets in a so-called order. If you properly utilize the order of baccarat for predicting, the winning potentiality is increased.

Does card counting increase the winning percentage?

It is card counting used in blackjack, but it seems that it can also be used in baccarat. However, unlike blackjack, you have to keep track of all the cards, so it will take a lot of effort, so I don’t recommend it very much.

Simply put, it is advantageous for the player to have many cards of 4 or less in the shoe to deal cards. This is because the player’s hit condition is 5 or less, so if there are many cards with 4 or less, it will be difficult to exceed 10, and it will be easier to get a high number.

On the contrary, the bunker is advantageous when there are many cards of 6 or more. This is because it is easy for players to get low numbers. After all, it is easy to get a result of 10 or more. Although card counting is undoubtedly an effective method, many casinos ban it in the first place. Even if you can make more profits, isn’t it an expected value of about 1 to 2%? If this is the case, the labor will be more expensive, so it seems that we can conclude that card counting cannot be used.

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