Do you want  to purchase ikura? Or you want to store? Well, you can store ikura because ikura can be stored at the chilling temperature. But the main focus should be to purchase the fresh ikura and then store it. There are many people who want to store ikura because they loved to have it whenever they want. And this is possible if you buy ikura from the store that supplied the fresh ikura rather than 2 weeks stored.

It is the peoples most favorite dish now a days and people loved to buy them. The ikura roe is famous because of its taste and color. The salmon roe comes in the reddish color that appeal the peoples to have them and eat when they like.

In japan it called as the salmon roe and it is the favorable dish. The culture is now adopted by other countries as well and soled worldwide. It is easy to buy ikura but some other fish eggs are rare and difficult to find out.

But keep all the information in your mind and then go out to purchase because if you now about the ikura characteristic only then you can identify them. Be aware from the fraud because some sellers tells you that it is the real and fresh ikura but in actual it is not. Consuming bad and spoiled ikura result damage to human health. You should avoid that before it become a complication for you.

So the keep to find out that it is real or fake then you have to smell it and check the odor of the fish. If not then there is another method that you have to boil water and add the eggs in them. And if the eggs burst then they are fake and if they remain same then it’s the fresh ikura and you can enjoy it.

Ikura caviar online market

Purchasing ikura from online market is the most easiest way because you don’t have to be ready and go into the market. But rather then you can clean on place the order and you can have it. It is so comfy and likely option . But its complication is that you should now the real and authentic seller which deliver you the best quality and nutritional adequate ikura. Your order is on your doorstep but should be the real other wise it is all waste of money.

Ikura from stores

The other method to have ikura is you should travel to the market and then search for the real ikura and then buy it. But there is complication which is that you get do fed up because you don’t know how longer it will stay safe and useable. And wouldn’t prefer go again if its perishability is low.


I hope that know purchasing ikura from the market or any other place  would be easy for you. And some tips about them is also mentioned to help you purchasing. You can have the fresh ikura whenever you want. Don’t forget to follow them buy in your preferred way.


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