The fashion world has always considered hats an essential part of it, and the only changed thing about this fact is style. Initially, hats looked great during events paired with only western outfits. But in recent times, a shift has been noticed, and now hats are almost worn with anything and everything. The wide variety of hat styles introduced by the fashion industry has people going frenzy with the craze.

A popular hat style is leather cowboy hats. But these are not the traditional hats worn in the 1900s paired only with western attires. They sport wider brims that are shapeable and have crowns usually pinch front. Leather hats look unique compared to the classic cowboy hat, as these hats boast leather straps, Conchos, studs, and even hair-on cowhide. All of it added produces a look far from what can be considered western. Even though leather hats are occasionally like your regular cowboy hat, leather fedoras change an individual’s personality.

Leather hats are in no way the same as the grandfather’s cowboy fedoras, but rather give an equal feeling of countryside and biker twist

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Often when people buy a leather hat, it is purchased with a lot of interest and zealousness. But when the actual time arrives to don the super chic rock and roll hat, everything is spoiled due to the way it’s worn. The best way to adjust a leather hat is to place it carefully according to the front and brim of the hat. Placing the cap directly on top of your head prevents you from fully showcasing the style and design of the hat.

Pairing your outfit with a leather hat will give your attire a distinctive and creative vibe. Most womens cowboy hats involve bows, especially in the forehead area, to enhance the item’s look. But the bow only looks appealing when placed in the proper position. Below are a few impressive tips that can help you to wear your leather cowboy hat ideally.

Hair Adjustments

Hats have become an issue for people with long hair. But when worn correctly, it can look best with longer hair. You can leave your hair open and then place your hat softly to avoid any flyaways. You can also tie your hair in a single plait or even two braids according to the look you desire. It is better to avoid making a bun or fixing all your hair on top of your head; this will not only keep your hat bobbed but will also look extremely awkward.

Bow placement

Plenty of leather hats have a bow at the forefront to make the cap further attractive. But the addition is only worth the effort when placed in the correct position. Several people make the mistake of putting the bow right at the front. However, the bow of the hat should always go at the back. When the cap is missing a bubble, remember the shorter portion remains at the front.

The correct position of the brim

Where you place the brim of your hat determines the perception of your personality. For instance, when the brim at the front is tilted upwards, revealing only the tiniest bit of your forehead, you can be perceived as friendly and casual. When the brim is placed right above your eyes, with barely any forehead showing, it is a possibility that people might understand you as mysterious and profound. Tilted brims to the side will help you ooze confidence.

Size matters

One of the many rules of wearing a leather cowboy hat is that it fits properly. If it’s too tight, it will not provide any room for your head to remain comfortable. Make sure your leather hat is your size and fits perfectly onto your head. Too big would only make it topple time and again.

Pairing your hat with a correct attire ​

The key to wearing a leather cowboy hat lies in how you pair it. You can pair your favorite leather item with a button-up dress shirt, simple jeans, and cowboy boots.

You can opt for solid color shirts that will not only be comfortable but also remain a classic. But cowboy boots are not to be forgotten. Avoid a fashion disaster by not pairing your leather hat with sneakers! If you want to enhance your look, you can add a belt, preferably brown or black.

However, always remember no matter the amount of money spent on clothing, a leather hat remains worthwhile when worn correctly.

Thus, hopefully, the tips mentioned above can assist you in styling and rocking leather hats this season! But while you opt for leather cowboy hats, remember to remain true to your style and have fun in the process. If you know the rules to flaunt it, you can look stunning.

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