In recent years we have witnessed quite a shift in the education realm too. With the evolving technology, there also has been a significant change in the way students learn. From chalk and board to online teaching/ learning platforms it’s been quite a transformation. And with this digitization, and the introduction of various technologies in the classroom it’s necessary to ensure active participation from the students. Digital Collaboration, points at just that. In layman’s terms, the phrase talks about the collaboration or participation of students in a classroom with the use of digital tools. 

What is Digital Collaboration? 

There is no doubt that collaboration plays a major role in helping students be actively involved in the learning process. Digital collaboration is when we use digital tools to facilitate collaboration between students involved in a task. In a technology-driven world like today’s, this is an effective way to help students keep their focus intact. And it also prepares them to work better with the advancing technology.  

Importance of Digital Collaboration

It is proven that when students learn collaboratively they tend to learn better and the knowledge retention rate also increases. And when digital tools are used, it helps make the learning process more efficient and effective, as it keeps the students more actively involved and focused in the process.

Furthermore, like any other collaborative activity, this too helps students understand the importance of teamwork and togetherness, and the skill of sharing ideas, communicating, and listening. Lastly, the method also helps students address their learning needs with the help of digital tools, and thus, help themselves better. 

How to Effectively Implement Digital Collaboration?   

“The most effective digital workplace is one where collaboration and sharing are the norms.” 

To make this quote by Pearl Zhu a reality and help make your institute an effective platform, here are a few tips for you:

  • Group activities 

This is one of the basic and yet the most effective ways of collaboration. And you could very easily and productively carry this out via online teaching platforms too. Divide them into small groups and assign a topic in accordance with their course content and the students will work together to deliver something impactful. In this method, students will better understand their strengths and weaknesses and perform accordingly.

  • Peer evaluation 

Evaluation is always a good way to help students identify their shortcomings and strengths and work on each accordingly. But Peer Evaluation is a good idea because it will help the students know how they performed and their work impacts their own friends. This will make it a little less severe and more thought-provoking for both the reviewing and presenting students. Also, this helps students learn to express themselves better.    

  • Encourage questions 

Questions are one of the best ways to help students collaborate, as well as learn better. Hence, it’s always important to encourage questions. Make sure, that each class has a time fixed for some Q&A, if you don’t allow questions amidst your class. But also have a Q&A portal for all the questions that come to them later or simply to have all their questions and its answers on an e-platform that can be accessible at any time.

  • Build routines and ground rules

Pre-decide how you want to get it done. You can have each one work on their device and connect it all through a shared LMS, have a shared digital screen on which they work one-by-one, or have them work separately on their specific topics. 

Further, also make sure that while you are lenient, you have your ground rules set straight and strong. Like, attentive listening and mutual respect of opinions is a no-brainer. Among other things, you can also decide whether they can ask a question during your lecture, or should they wait until the end.   

  • Choose the right digital tool 

For all this to carry-out smoothly you must invest in the right all-in-one online coaching app for teachers. Make sure that this e-platform has all the right features and helps you perform all your tasks. From being able to connect with you or their groups easily and at any time, to asking questions via a Q&A portal, and other features to add ease for you and your students.

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