Educational institutions play a very important role in our lives. For development and progress in our  lives, knowledge and education play a very crucial role. For achievement and growth of anything, a  medium and a mentor is the key requirement. To gain knowledge and learn values, right paths, and  correct attitude a medium is required. This medium or you can say midway will help you reach and  

achieve your goals and desired things. These educational apps provide us with the necessities and  requirements to achieve-education and complete our desired courses. It helps to frame the right paths  for reaching heights of stability in life. These institutions help us to become active citizens of our  country. 

Teachers and instructors play a very important role in providing and imparting knowledge to us. They are well experienced in life, culture, and social norms of the society. While  teaching they add their own experiences and life learned lessons. They make sure to keep their students  aware and up to date about every perspective of life. They help us to grow and develop according to the  requirements of the world. By imparting knowledge, they train our future generations to make  the world a better version with time. These institutions provide and help us to acquire knowledge in different fields of life. After receiving the correct information, students and learning according to their  interests, hobbies and capabilities choose their paths and work in the direction of achieving it. Schools,  colleges, tuition centers, private and public universities all come under the category of educational  institutions. Schools are the first institutions in which we step as a toddler and come out by completing  our senior secondary education. From elementary education to a good amount of knowledge in our  senior secondary is provided and completed in schools. Colleges, on the other hand, provide us with a  variety of courses that are required to attain a position in a particular profession. Diplomas,  certifications, graduation, programming in different streams, medical, and engineering are some main  courses that a college or university has for its students. Tuition centers are the places that students join  for the clarity of the syllabus opted and extra knowledge. Tuitions help students to clear the doubts of  the course they are learning. They also help the senior students to appear for competitive and entrance  exams. Regular tests and classes are provided by them too. These educational institutions are the  mediums that help us to develop into stable earning individuals. Online teaching is also helping  educational institutions in providing the best of knowledge and education to the learners. The  opportunity to learn anywhere and at any desired time is taking the educational institutes practicing it  to greater heights. The facilities offered by the educational apps for online classes are quite  outstanding. This platform helps to conduct virtual classrooms when face-to-face interactions are not  possible. Also, it involves technology in learning. This helps individuals to learn new technical  developments on an everyday basis. It keeps you updated about the advancements in education  technology. Education with the usage of modern teaching aids has made teaching and learning very  interesting and beneficial for both teachers and students respectively. Online teaching is benefiting a lot  of senior students all across the world. We all know that along with education, financial independence  as well stability in earning is the basic goal and necessity of every individual. Everyone wants to earn to  create a better livelihood for themselves and their close ones. And for securing a good job or earning  proper degrees and completion of courses is required. This means we can carry both things together  and simultaneously with the help of educational apps for online teaching. Education is the biggest earning for everybody and hence learning and receiving knowledge should never stop. With the help of  online teaching, any student can carry out their profession and in their free time can study. Educational apps  provide synchronous and asynchronous courses. A user can choose according to his or her convenience  and requirements. Education institutes are helping students in many ways to a far extent. These 

institutes also provide internships and job placements to the students for various companies and  sectors. They promote effective employment rates. They are providing the best services to take forward  our young generation to the greater heights of success. They are acting as the building blocks of our  society who are promoting literacy and making students literate and active citizens. They are molding  them for betterment and enhancement in their lives.  

By: Simran Sabharwal. 

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