Project management is referred to as the work of leading a team to achieve the desired goal and objective of the project. Project management is also known as the backbone of every project as it increases its success rate. As seen, the markets are growing rapidly. In this area of growing markets and increasing competition  every company is in a hurry to deliver quality level projects to their stakeholders, and for this project management is a very important element.  Project Management is the most crucial yet the most necessary part of every project.

Five stages of project management :

 There are five stages of project management and each of the stages contribute to the growth of the project. The first stage is called project initiation where the goals of the project are discussed at a broad level. The second stage is called project planning where a road map is developed so that everybody can follow it. The third stages are called project execution where deliverables are developed and completed. The fourth stage is called project monitoring where the progression of the project is measured. The fifth Stages called project closure which marks the completed project.

The different levels of six sigma certification –

  1. Six Sigma Yellow Belt : The six sigma yellow belt certification is the first or initial level of six sigma certificates. This certification provides the candidate with the basic knowledge quality, quality tools and how to use quality tools for problem solving for different approaches. This is the certification which is awarded to those employees who are new in this field and in any quality improvements circle. Also this certification is given to those employees who do not know anything about quality and have no idea about the importance of quality in process improvement.
  2. Six Sigma Green Belt : The six sigma green belt is the second higher level of certification. The six sigma green belt certified professionals are the one who have the basic knowledge of six sigma green belt DMAIC framework. These professionals are much acquainted with all the activities and the deadly variables of each phase of green belt. DMAIC stands for define, measure, analyze,  improve and control. The Green Bay professionals lead some small process improvement projects in the industries and also sometimes help out the black belt in carrying out different project activities.
  3. Six Sigma Black Belt : The “LEAN SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT CERTIFICATION” Is the third higher level of six sigma certification. The Black belt Professionals have a good knowledge about the SS methodology and they know the DMAIC framework much well. The “BLACK BELT COURSE” Is much helpful for all the professionals to get more acquainted With all the project activities. The black face professionals analyze, predict and represent the data for deriving out some useful and meaningful statistical results for any kind of business analysis in an organization.
  4. Six Sigma Black Belt Master : The six sigma black belt master is the last and the highest level of certification These professionals have a very good knowledge of six segment methodology as they have Experience in process improvement areas. These are the professionals who lead the whole team of process improvement in any organization they work in. Oh so these professionals are famous for advanced knowledge and different prediction models in Guess of business forecasting and project management tools. SME ( subject matter expert) usually becomes the Master black belt. These professionals are high in position and these are the professionals who are much more valuable than any organization they go in.
  5. Lean Six Sigma : The Lean Six Sigma is the new level of certification in process improvement methodology. This certification includes the combination of two different process improvement methodologies. Out of those two, one is Lean and another one is Six Sigma. Coming to Lean, It is itself the improvement methodology Which works on certain principles. And coming to six sigma, Six Sigma is another person improvement methodology which works and process improvement. In lean, the lean projects initially lean principles are used before starting Which makes the target more easier to reach as compared to six sigma.

 Six sigma methodology is an excellent field in project management. It has multiple levels of interpretation and Each level is valuable and contributes to the growth of the individual in learning Six Sigma.

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