Children love colours and creativity. So don’t be shocked if your little girl pretends to put on makeup and get ready as grown women do. Daughters observe and mirror their mothers. It’s not age-inappropriate, and it’s nothing to be worried about! This article will discuss the safety, ethics, and science of kids’ makeup

Isn’t Glitter Toxic?

Yes, somewhat. Glitter is made from microplastic that damages the environment and the body. But ingesting small amounts is not a big deal. If your child has swallowed glitter, remove the product, wipe their mouth, and give them some water. It will pass through their body soon. Makeup companies have recognised this issue and created safe glitter for children.  

What About Cosmetic Chemicals?

Chemical cosmetics are slowly becoming history as the makeup industry grows eco-conscious. Cosmetics for adults, too, are becoming organic and biodegradable. Makeup for kids, then, will be made with natural ingredients. Children have more sensitive skin and are prone to testing things out orally. Kids’ makeup is thus created with elements that will not cause side effects even if ingested. 

And Preservatives?

There are some preservatives, like parabens, you should avoid. However, contrary to popular belief, many preservatives are safe to use. They prevent bacteria from growing in your products. Especially if the product is made from natural ingredients, preservatives are required. Don’t worry. Makeup for kids is mainly free from unsafe preservatives.  

Is Nail Polish Safe?

Parents worry about putting nail polish on children because it can be dangerous. The polish adults use is manufactured considering that they know it is a toxic chemical compound that must not be consumed. But children constantly suck on their thumbs, eat with their hands, and even bite their nails. So if your little girl is bugging you to paint her nails, your best bet is to order some nail polish for kids.

Is It The Pull Towards Materialism?

You might think, “I don’t want my daughter to start thinking that beauty is her main priority.” You wouldn’t be the only one. Can using makeup cause shallow thinking? That’s a question that pertains to adults too and remains unanswered. 

With children, however, the answer might not be so complicated. Your daughter does not necessarily want to use makeup to look pretty. She has simply observed a female model and is mirroring their behaviour. This is called observational learning and is imperative for social animals.

What Is its Social Advantage?

Although the importance of gender roles is debatable in 2022, children are unbiased learners. They pick up on the subtlest cues that adults might not even realise. Whether we like it or not, gender roles are an inescapable determinant of development. Children need a framework, a reliable script they can follow, to navigate social situations. If your daughter wants to try makeup, this is her trying to explore her gender role, a natural developmental milestone. 

Does It Accelerate Motor Control?

Kids aren’t as adept at fine motor control: holding pens, opening bottles, or typing. Putting on makeup allows them to practice these skills. It increases motor control and improves hand-eye coordination, which might provide an excellent alternative to drawing or painting. It also enhances their awareness of their bodies, which is essential to development.

The Cognitive Advantage

Lastly, makeup allows for creativity and experimentation. These are building blocks to cognitive functions that enable adults to become critical thinkers.

And still, the choice is yours. Makeup for kids is safe, and wanting to try it out is natural. Will your child get to try it out? 

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