Since the Bronze Age, men have been known to wear belts made of leather. Since then, they have gone a long way to become a crucial component of a man’s wardrobe. Not only will the men’s leather belts keep your trousers in place, but their sleek tans and shining buckles will also improve the professional appearance you project. So it is crucial to choose the appropriate belt for each outfit. Meanwhile, this is a hard task given the abundance of men’s leather belts available in various designs, whether you shop for them online or in an actual store. Hence, the best ways to achieve that goal are outlined in this article. And from this point on, it is your job to locate the perfect men’s leather belt.

When shopping for a belt online, when there is no option for trying it on beforehand, you need to be familiar with your specific size. And to ensure you get the correct fit, choose a belt one size larger than the waist measurement of your pants. It indicates that you should select a size 34 belt if you wear pants with a waist measurement of 32 inches. In the meantime, most belts have five holes, and you should check to see that the pin of your buckle is secured in the third or centre hole. And regarding the width of the leather strap, a formal belt will only be as broad as your thumb, and anything more than that will be considered a casual belt.

The Belt Buckle Is the Next Big Thing to Look Out For

The breadth of a leather belt is an essential factor in determining the amount of formality it conveys. Therefore, remember that the more formal the belt buckle, the smaller it is. The belt buckles that come with standard belts are often modest and unadorned, but the more oversized and ornate buckles that are available are ideal for use with casual styles. Meanwhile, the buckles have a different coating, either gold or a metallic colour finish.

How Does It Go With the Outfits You Wear?

It is said that how you mix and match your clothing can create or break your style; the same is true with leather belts. Always remember the classic rule that the finish of your leather shoes and belt should be consistent with one another. For instance, brown leather belts look great when combined with brown leather shoes; a belt with a high shine is designed to go with polished shoes, while matte belts are the only option for pairing with shoes with a dull hue. And the exact instructions apply if you are wearing it over your pants. A stylish leather belt should be used with dress pants or formal pants, whereas rough belts should be reserved for cargo pants and casual trousers.

Acquaint Yourself With the Leather’s Quality

When it comes to selecting a men’s leather belt based on its quality, these are the typical types available: synthetic leather (also known as faux leather), leather created from waste leather and further products, genuine leather, and leather which is full-grain (100 per cent authentic and long-lasting). So you should spend your money on the option that combines quality and longevity.

You know that thin men’s leather belts are appropriate for formal occasions, but broader belts are more suitable for relaxed settings. Therefore, you should wear your wider informal belts with muted denim, cargo pants, narrower belts, and dressier trousers like dark and chinos denim.

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