Previously, web standards were a bit messy, and those came with limited browser support. So, encountering issues with the website was a common scene during that time, and calling up the technical team for help was a daily hassle. But, now, with the help of multi browser testing tools, the website will be tested before finalizing and presenting to the crowd to enjoy.

Nowadays, websites are tested out using cross-browser testing tools, which will lack compatibility with some of the browsers. Every browser over here will interpret information and then present it on the website in a completely different manner.

Some browsers might even lack features that you are willing to display on your website. So, opening up your website in that particular browser will make it look broken. At present, the web scene is completely different and way better than before. For that, you should really thank the open-source cross-browser testing tools.

Why do you think cross-browser testing to be so vital?

Just imagine a scene for better understanding. You were trying to open a website from MacBook and entered the URL in the Safari browser. Once the website has loaded completely, you cannot see any pictures or videos on the site. Even the buttons and texts are all over the page. Your first thought is to reload it, and you did that. If that doesn’t help out a bit, it means the site has been broken or suffering from such issues. Or maybe, the site is not Safari-compatible.

During that stage, you want to come across an alternative joint. Well, that’s when these cross-browser testing tools come into action. Here, the testing process of these tools will ensure that the chosen app and website work in a uniform and smooth manner on all possible browsers and devices that the customers are using.

Nowadays, you need a compatible website for your business. People aren’t restricted to PC uses anymore, but there you have a growing number of smartphone users. So, people would love to check your website while on the go. Creating a compatible website will not just help customers to learn more about your business but will make you a household brand name in no time.

With the help of cross-browser testing tools, you can judge if your chosen app is compatible with every browser and platform available. If it is, then you have done a great job. Now, whether customers want to open your app on a smartphone or on a PC, or in any browser, they can surely get detailed information about your business.

What to check?

Now, after you are well-aware of the importance of cross-browser testing tools, it is time to understand what you need to check with the field of cross-browser testing. Some of those significant points to keep a close watch on are listed below for your reference.

  • Page zoom-in and zoom-out functions
  • Content alignment of the page to RHS, LHS, and center
  • The layout of the page in multiple resolutions
  • Page validation with JavaScript or without JavaScript enabled
  • Date formats
  • Footer and header sections
  • Size of the used fonts
  • Special characters with that of the HTML Character encoding
  • Styles of the page
  • Alignment and images
  • JQuery and Ajax functions
  • HTML and CSS validation

Make sure to keep a close watch on these features if you want the cross-browser testing tools to work in your favor and present you with a detailed report in the end. You will make the necessary changes depending on the information procured.

So, it is always important to check the user interface, performance, and complete compatibility of the apps on all these mentioned combinations. With the help of cross-browser testing tools, you will receive a consistent and premium quality experience across multiple devices, operating systems, and browsers.

Perfect the cross-browser testing in two ways:

If you check it out, there are two ways in which you can test out the cross-browser section. One is the manual one, and another one is the automated version.

  • Under the manual version, you are likely to execute multiple test cases manually on each browser. This step is expensive and time-consuming. So, most experts would love to avoid this section.
  • Automated cross-browser testing is always the primary note these days to consider. Here, you just need to write a common script and then execute the same on multiple browsers automatically. It is here that you see the use of cross-browser testing tools.

With the help of an automated method, you can eliminate the manual processes and don’t have to bother about repetitive tasks at all. This method is more cost-effective with the help of cross-browser testing tools. So, don’t forget to check out more about these tools first, and then you can make way for the right selection over here. Search for the tools online.

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