Ok! Run down to Target or Walmart and grab one off the shelf. Or, you might drive past a garage sale and pick up a steel or cast iron antique. Maybe not. 105 First, what do you actually need and want in a beginning sewing machine? Dependability And Reliability. When you buy a sewing machine, you do not want to constantly struggle with it making it work.

Often when you get a cheap machine, it won’t even work when you first take it out of the box. When we first started selling sewing machines as an independent dealers, we sold a line of machines that had a great price around a hundred dollars. After having a few returned, because they didn’t work when the customer got the machine home, I had other thoughts. I started taking the machine out of the box lubricating it, and testing it before I let the customer take it home.

At least I knew it worked when it left the store. Since then, I decided it was better to sell machines that always work right from the start. Customers always look for price, but I believe value is much more important. Easy to Use. 106 Lets face it. Some sewing machines are just not. They may be difficult to thread, difficult to adjust the stitches, and difficult to use.

In ages past, sewing machines were designed and intended to be work horses. Sewing was often hard work, but today things should be different. Sewing should be fun, easy, relaxing, and carefree. It all starts with the sewing machine. The biggest difference between a $200 sewing machine and a $800 sewing machine is that the cheaper one is usually more troublesome to use and the more expensive one is usually easier and more fun to use.

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