Take The Necessary Steps

Among all the news that is flowing on the internet about the game, one stands out the most. Amazon announced that they will merge servers will a low population. What makes this especially curious is the fact that on release, there were hundreds of thousands of long queues. And not a few months since, we have low population servers that will be merged. If you’re on one of these servers, there are certainly some things you can do by taking benefit of the situation. It is surprising to see that some servers have a lot fewer people than other servers and that the difference is actually quite significant. Some of the gamers on the low-pop servers must be complaining about the game being dead. But once they get transferred, this situation is going to change drastically. And before that happens, you can actually do something for yourself that will help you when they merge servers.

You have to realize that everything that is easy for you to do now will become not feasible because of the mass influx of players that will all be doing the same thing. So, the first thing you’re going to want to do is to level your weapons. At least the ones that you think you’re going to be using. The thing is, they’re likely going to be new weapon types, so you don’t want to put yourself into a position where you have to level multiple weapons at the same time. When the new content drops, there’s likely to be a new meta combo that you’ll want to try. But you might end up going through the BS of leveling up not one but two weapons at the same time. That’s twice the BS you’ll have to put up with. In order to avoid that, you could do either of two things. One – try to stay on top of your game and go out of your way to level up all weapons, getting that out of the way. Or you could get the New World boosting service and actually take a healthy break from the game while someone else works on the thing you need. Yes, it’s that simple!

Prepare to Compete With New Players

The same goes for leveling the trade skills than when there’s nobody on your server. You don’t have to contest for iron routes or other key materials that you are going to need. So, make sure to get these up and leveled ASAP to get those professions ready to go. Because one’s merging happens and you decide to do the weaponsmithing, for instance, you just won’t find an ore node on your server that hasn’t been mined. That’s when you’re going to be forced to use the market. And if we continue with this example – in order to craft a top-tier 600 gear score legendary item, you’re going to need a full weaponsmithing set. In order to get said set, you’ll have to travel into the world, kill specific bosses. Once more players are on the server, guess what chance you’re going to have on killing the bosses you need?

You have an opportunity to get all the stuff that you need in order to set yourself up for success before or after the merge has happened. The reason is, there are multiple professions that require you to farm specific items or gear sets to do the crafting. Granted, you could opt for buying them off the market, it’ll be hugely difficult to pull off. Here comes the last piece of advice – go, get the New World power leveling done. Don’t assume that just because you have the opportunity to casually go through levels now, you’re going to have the same opportunity after the merging. Because you’re not. And if you want to be done with it fast, there’s nothing better than a good, reliable gaming service.

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