One of the surprisingly important areas of SEO and one that is often overlooked or not implemented, due to its complexity, is organizational structure. To ensure that your SEO strategy can be fully implemented it needs buy-in and ownership from the top down. If your board of directors have the level of understanding that this section offers then you will likely be in a good place – the reason being that to do everything discussed requires multiple departments working very closely together.

Search Engine Optimization 105 case study MoneySupermarket Background The UK financial services comparison site (MSM) is a company that dominates most of the high-volume terms in their market. Very early on, they understood that organizational structure was key to successful SEO. Strategy Extracts from an interview with Ben McKay, who was then Head of Organic Performance, explains how they achieved this success:

We have dissolved the SEO and social media teams in their traditional form, and remoulded them to be more consumer value and campaign centric – the team is now called Organic Performance. This means that the energy and talent of a wide variety of digital marketing professionals is integrated under shared KPIs…

Where MSM has been most successful (from its core employees to its board) is by being very ambitious and progressive in removing organizational barriers, and thus helping consumers save money. (McKay in Devenish, 2012) By developing a strategy that brought content, social media and SEO into one organic team the channels have been able to work much better together.

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