RBI Grade B Phase I exam is quite an important one for most of the aspirants preparing for banking & government exams. As far as the notification for RBI Grade B is concerned, the notification it not out yet, however it’s time for the aspirants to start preparing for it pre-handed so that once the notification sets in your preparation journey is already in shape. The notification can be expected anytime soon thus, stay prepared well in advance. It is the right time to start focussing on your weak areas and that can happen if you keep practicing via mock tests.

Before you actually start your exam preparation for RBI Grade B here we are with some generic tips and tricks so that they can formulate their strategies accordingly in order to ace the RBI Grade B Phase I exam. So, here we are with some general tips for RBI Grade B Phase I exam preparation.

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Formulate a Time Table

  • Aspirants preparing for RBI Grade B must stay organised and focused and then once you know what to prepare, then the question arises how to prepare.
  • A time table is to be prepared keeping both short term and long term goals in mind.
  • Generally, while preparing a time table, aspirants must make sure that it should be realistic so that you can match it up till the end.
  • Aspirants know that time of the day when they are most productive and their minds are fertile. So, one must dedicatedly study in those hours.
  • Block more time for a difficult subject

Focus on Concepts

  • Understanding a concept is better than simply mugging up the things. This way aspirant will be able to remember a concept for a longer period of time.
  • Clear understanding of the concept will help a candidate to handle questions in a better way.

Self-Assessment is Important

  • For an effective RBI Grade B Phase I exam preparation candidates must keep evaluating themselves from time to time.
  • Some only practice via mock tests; however it is crucial to check the analysis as well so as to get a better understanding of your mistakes.
  • After attempting a mock test, candidates must quickly analyse the result and get detailed answers to all wrongly answered questions.
  • Guesswork should be avoided as there is negative marking in RBI Grade B Phase I exam.

Practice via Mock Tests

  • Mock tests play a vital role in banking exam preparation.
  • These tests will fine tune the RBI Grade B exam preparation strategy.
  • Mock tests give you an idea as how to go about it in the actual exam as it gives you a proper simulated environment.
  • Moreover, mock tests created at PracticeMock are based on the actual exam pattern & gives a real time exam like environment.

Stay Confident

  • A quick recap can be done one day prior to the actual exam.
  • You will have to believe in yourself that you have the prepared well for this particular exam.
  • A bit of meditation and exercise may help you to gain confidence for RBI Grade B Phase I exam.

Candidates can follow these and it may help you achieve your goal to achieve success in RBI grade B Phase I exam.

RBI Grade B Preparation Tips during the Exam

The above-mentioned tips and tricks are few that can be taken into account while you are preparing for the RBI Grade B exam; however some aspirants require few tips which they can follow while actually sitting in the exam.

  1. It is important to move onto the next question without wasting any time if you are finding a particular question difficult. If the time permits then you can come back and try to attempt that again.
  2. If you are finding any particular section challenging then try and attempt minimum number of questions that are required in order to clear the sectional cut-off.
  3. Questions are to be read carefully as sometimes these can be tricky.
  4. Using shortcuts in these exams may save you lot of time, however one must avoid using any shortcut that you are not sure about.
  5. Guess work should be avoided as it may fetch negative marks.

So, it’s time that the aspirants should start preparing for the upcoming RBI Grade B exam with PracticeMock.

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