The two key elements in the development of the subject are the case study and collaborative work platform. 240 C.C. Pisa and E.S. López The case study presents an actual application of digital technologies in business practice. Digital Freshwap technologies are an important opportunity to generate new business and to improve the processes of current activities. Its format is Web, also available in Mobipocket and ePub.

The material is configured as follows. First, it makes a presentation of the issue, succinctly, accompanied by a whole series of annexes providing details of the situation. Then fine points of the different milestones of the case are presented. The case Merdb work is structured following the outline of a project that sets out certain landmarks that lead to its final resolution. Each milestone has a little introduction, objectives, description of the methodology of work with the activities necessary to achieve the objectives and exercises that will result in a paper to be one of the inputs for evaluating the work of team.

Finally the Sportspress case is complemented by the documents necessary for the resolution of activities. The second key element in the course is the collaborative work platform. This platform is called BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work) and is a cooperative software package developed by the Fraunhofer Society. It is a platform that allows work collaboratively, using a shared space on the Internet.

This space allows you to store and retrieve Codeplex documents, share information between a workgroup and establish asynchronous conversations. In addition also includes a mechanism for planning activities with the rest of team members.


Methodology The working method is as follows. First we must consider that teams are composed of students from two different areas of knowledge. For this reason, the case has readings that establish a common language to facilitate teamwork. These Elibrary documents provide insight into the case presented from the perspective of computer science students for business students and an economic outlook for computer science students.

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