When we think of sewing, we automatically think of the sewing machine. But there are some wonderful specialty sewing machines that can make sewing quicker and easier and more professional. In addition to a quality sewing machine, a fully outfitted sewing studio will include: a serger, a blind hemmer, and an embroidery machine.

The serger seams, overcasts, and trims in a single pass at roughly twice the speed of the home sewing machine. It is used as a mainstay in garment construction and home décor, but has great usefulness in all areas of sewing. It even has some wonderful decorative capabilities. Also note there are many different kinds of sergers.

The most common is a 2 -3- 4 thread serger, but you can also get 5 thread, 6 thread, even an 8 thread serger. The blind hemmer is a single purpose machine designed to produce professional blind hems in garments and similar applications. If you plan to alter or construct clothing this is a vital tool. Embroidery is where the action is today.

Each year more and more people are discovering the thrill of embellishing for clothing, home décor, and much more. The embroidery machine may be a stand alone 100 machine doing only embroidery or it may be a combo machine. A combo machine is a combination of a quality sewing machine and an embroidery machine.

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