There has been an ongoing debate if stained floors could keep up with the innovative flooring trends in this millennial era. Of course, the answer is yes. The stained concrete interior floors remain a top choice for practical flooring systems for most residential areas and commercial areas, where massive concrete lies.

With today’s post, learn the latest ideas to incorporate staining into the concrete steps in your home’s interiors.

Uncovering Stained Floors

So, what are stained floors exactly? Hearing the words may give you a messy floor with stains as food spills, liquid residue from dirt mixed with moisture that got stuck on the floor. That may sound accurate, but when we say “stained” to refer to a flooring style, it is simply a concrete floor with pigments added to it.

It results in decorative colored concrete where the pigment deeply adheres to the slab’s cementitious material. Thus you got stained concrete that goes beyond a plain grey flooring slab.

Now read through the following to know how you can take the concrete floors enhanced with staining to the next level.

Stained Concrete Floor designs and Styles to Keep in our Homes

Whenever you get concrete in your homes as the floor’s base material, it sure would suit a staining application. Have colourful, opulent floors and depart from the old grey, dull, outdated look.

Moss green

There is a growing green trend for the year 2022. Paint company Sherwin Williams introduce Evergreen as their pick for color of the year.

With that said, expect the viridescent shades to greet you in your friends’ homes, or at a commercial space you often went out to.

A great way to add a green tone in your home is with stained concrete floors. However, you might face a significant challenge in adding green floors at home.

You do not want the entire space to look like unkempt grass from the jungle.

A nice and subtle shade that would suit the concrete slabs is Moss Green, and it appears las greyish green with grey not overpowering the other tone.

Moss green staining looks neat on the floors that it could also add a sense of warmth perfect for homes.


Mauve is an earthy cool colour. It’s like periwinkle but with depth and warmth into it.

This colour would also add style and a trendy accent inside your homes. It is a great color to use with the staining technique as well. Doing this also allows you to incorporate and follow the New year’s Very Peri color trend to create an innovative modern vibe on the floors of your home.

You can have a customized pigment when you ask a local flooring company that performs staining.

If you want a bold move departing from the outdated style for your home’s interior, mauve-colored concrete is an excellent way to start. Mauve-colored floors would also be a unique addition to your dynamic spaces as the garage. But for the garage floor, you would want to opt for a heat-resistant floor coating, and you can do so with residential epoxy flooring.

But keep it practical and open with staining for the sophisticated spaces like the living room, dining room, and lounging areas in your properties.

Antique Grey

Keeping an antique look of grey concrete in your interior is a risky but brave move for an evolving style and interior fashion. However, you can subtly add a sense of innovation to your beloved concrete with staining. You do not have to add much coloring and contrast, and you could stain the floor grey to enhance its natural pigment. Antique grey is a suitable pigment to level up the grey look and add luxury to your resurfaced flooring.

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