Date nights are special for everyone, and there is no doubt about it. Especially while meeting someone new, you try your best to grab their attention through your good looks and manners. In addition to this, there is one more thing that can make you instantly attractive to the significant other without doing much, and that is smelling good. Appearing impressive and smelling seductive goes hand in hand. We wall want to look great and it’s a fact the fashion industry knows that.  But, you can’t complete your look without ending it up with an enchanting fragrance and vice versa.

In this scenario, if you think a few puffs of deodorants can help you smell irresistibly sexy, then think again! Firstly, deodorants are not long-lasting, having a little amount of essence concentration. Moreover, these products usually have a sporty fragrance that can leave an unpleasant impact on the other person.

Apart from ample wit and charm, here are a few effective yet simple thumb rules to help you make a powerful first impression. Smell amazing on the dinner date, so they can’t stop dreaming about you throughout the night.

1. Personal Hygiene is Significant

Taking a bath should be a must before getting ready for a date because good looks start with cleanliness. No matter how glamorous you appear on a date night, if your hair is greasy and body is stinking; there are high chances that your beau will sling your hook. So, follow the guideline:

  • Try to take a shower as close to your leaving time as possible.
  • Use body wash, soap and shampoo with neutral scent, especially if you have one matching the perfume or cologne you use.
  • Avoid washing your hair with highly fragrant shampoos or conditioners.
  • To moisturize your body and face, use a hydrating lotion/cream right after taking shower.
  • Don’t rub with a towel afterwards as it will make your skin dry and rough.
  • It is also suggested to use a fragrant body butter to smell heavenly from head to toe.
  • Invest in a good deodorant or antiperspirant to control body odor and perspiration. Use an unscented product for best results.
  • If you sweat excessively on a regular basis, then don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor because it can be a cause of an underlying problem.

2. Maintain Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is equally important as body hygiene and your breath should smell equally refreshing as your body. So, before going on a date:

  • Brush your teeth for a little longer than usual.
  • Complement your brushing with the products like mouthwash and dental floss. Remember that; these suggestions are not the alternative of brushing process, but surely enhance the results.
  • You can also use teeth whiteners to laugh with confidence on the special night.
  • Ideally, it is a great practice to get your teeth checked by a dentist after every 3 to 6 months to ensure a long-term oral health.
  • Take a mouth spray or mint gum with you to refresh your breath after having a meal.
  • Avoid foods that can make your mouth stink.
  • Don’t smoke during or before the date as it leaves an unpleasant odor on your breath, clothing and skin. Moreover, many people find it offensive rather seductive.

3. Ensure an Effective Physical Hygiene

This factor is as crucial as the other two in terms of looking and smelling good.

  • Make sure your clothes are made of breathable fabric, such as wool or cotton. It will make you stay cool, resulting in less sweat.
  • Don’t wear an outfit that is too tight on you and let your body breathe underneath.
  • Put a scented sachet in the drawer containing all your undergarments, so your whole body smells great, from inside and out. No need to invest in something fancy; a perfume tester or an emptied bottle will do the job.
  • Keep your nails filed, hand moisturized and don’t forget to put some nail paint on your fingertips.
  • Do minimal makeup on the date night as it attracts men the most. Just use a concealer to hide dark circles and blemishes, some tint on the cheeks, lips and that would suffice.
  • Hair can add a lot to your good looks. So, take out some time in between your preparations and make an attractive hairdo. Running late already? Just straighten, curl or wrap them in a bun for an elegant appearance.

Tried And Tested Hacks To Smell Irresistibly Seductive On A Date

Smelling good can not just help in boosting confidence level, but it also plays a great part in enhancing overall personality. Below, we are sharing some easy-to-follow tips for you to smell great on a date night. Have a look:

1. Invest in a good perfume or cologne

A great perfume is the first thing that strikes our mind when we talk about smelling good. However, there are a few things that you would need to consider while buying one. For example:

  • It is always the best idea to purchase perfumes from physical stores rather online, unless you are already using a fragrance and know well how it would turn out.
  • Try out several testers available at the stores and choose a perfume that matches your personality the most.
  • Avoid powdery or strong floral fragrances that can cause a headache. Instead, select from seductive notes, like citrus, musk, oud or jasmine.

2. Not A Perfume Person? Try Out Alternatives

If you can’t resist the fragrance of perfume, then go for a scented body lotion that is mild yet pleasing.

  • Rub a quarter-sized amount of the product to your wrist, neck, chest or all over the body for a stronger scent.

3. Ask Your Partner About His Favorite Fragrance

Not able to select the right fragrance for yourself? Ask the significant other for help. It is an excellent way to get through his/her heart without doing much.

  • Ask directly about his/her choice in perfumes and buy something that is closer to it.
  • For instance, if they don’t like orange smell, avoid wearing a scent with citrus notes.
  • Don’t overdo the fragrance because it can be a big turn off for your beau and would also attract unwanted attention.

4. Choose a Natural Aroma

You need to understand that the type of essence you use can impact your personality, negatively or positively.

  • Try to layer neutral body wash with fragrance-free lotion, deodorant and perfume. Using scented products one on another can only give away bad vibes.
  • Go for something mild, natural or floral rather a sporty scent.

5. The Right Technique of Perfume Application

Once you have purchased the right perfume for yourself, now time to learn about its effective application. Yes, you read that right. There are certain hacks related to fragrance application that will make you smell great for longer time.

  • Spray Your Favorite Perfume On The Moist Body

Apply the scent right after taking a bath because moist skin absorbs the aroma well and makes it last longer. It is best to use body lotions when your skin is still wet to lock the moisture and keep your body moisturized. Layer the mist, body spray and perfume afterwards.

  • Apply Fragrance on Pulse Points

Pulse points are the warmer areas of a human body that have the ability to magnify the intensity of a scent. For example, a spray of perfume or cologne on your neck, the back of wrists or knees will stay there for a longer duration than normal.

  • Right Time and Amount To Apply Fragrance

Don’t overwhelm your date or surrounding people with a strong scent on you; a few puffs would be more than enough. It is ideal to spray your perfume half an hour before leaving, if its longevity is dubious.

In case own a strong essence, a great way to dilute its intensity is to spray it at least one foot away and walk through its mist.

  • Spray On Your Hair

If you haven’t tried it already, then do this hack on your date night, and it will eventually become the daily practice of your life. Guaranteed!

Applying perfume on hair will enhance the duration of the fragrance and make it noticeable to the people around you. Besides, if you happen to sit on a terrace or open air setup; a pleasant smell from your hair will scatter in the air, making you more seductive to your partner.

  • Wipe Off Excess Scent

Accidentally went overboard with the fragrance? Makeup wipes can rescue you in this scenario. You can just dab the wipes on the areas you have sprayed the scent and that’s all.

  • Don’t Try To Mask Body Odor With Any Fragrance

Spraying body spray or any kind of essence directly on the sweaty parts will turn into a bad odor in no time soon after mixing with the sweat. milenar To avoid the embarrassing situation, wash the areas first, cover with a deodorant stick or antiperspirant, then use the desired fragrance. But again, don’t spray on the problematic areas directly.

  • Try Layering Fragrances

Luckily, a variety of scents are available in the form of sets, including shower gel, shampoo, soap, body mist, deodorants and even perfumes. Investing in such a bundle will help you achieve a uniform fragrance all over your body, from head to toe. For instance, if you have a lavender set, use other products from the same range to bathe, shampoo and moisturize. Later, you can use perfume with same notes and it will intensify the impact of the aroma, making it last longer.

How To Choose A Long Lasting Perfume For a Date Night?

In perfumes, you will be available with three options mainly: Eau de parfum, Parfum and Eau de toilette. The concentration of perfume essence is varied in each of these. Here is a chart to help you differentiate between them.

Type of perfume Eau de toilette Eau de parfum Parfum
Brief Description Fresh and light fragrance with weaker concentration of pure essence. Strong and intense scent as compare to eau de toilette, but less than parfum. Fragrance is intense and potent.
Intensity of fragrance Weaker smell Strong fragrance Strongest scent
Concentration of Pure Essence Pure essence is 4 to 15 percent 15 to 20 percent pure essence is there 20 to 30 percent pure essence is added
Longevity Stay for up to 3 hours May last for up to 5 hours 6 to 8 hours projection
Price Usually low in price Expensive More pricey than the other two.


Going on a date is all about fun and excitement as long as you are confident about two things: looking good and smelling good. No matter if you appear on the venue looking as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn, the next noticeable thing in you will be how pleasant you smell.

It is important to understand that personal hygiene is significant to become irresistibly seductive to your partner topped with an attractive scent. In this post, we have shared some great tips to help you present your best self and enjoy the company with confidence. Hope these hacks will come handy on your date night. Wishing you a great evening! wordblog

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