A well-built and navigable website with rich, relevant content not only optimizes your SEO results but helps users find what they want and improves your site’s conversion rate. And right here, we would like to introduce three proven ways to improve website conversion rate with SEO. 

1. Publish fresh, authentic and purposeful content on the topic of backlinks

Search engines look at hundreds of ranking factors to place one website above another in the search results. The number of these ranking factors is only increasing, and their nature will become more complex with Artificial Intelligence used in search engine algorithms. Here are the critical factors that impact a website’s search engine rankings:

The quality of the marketing content on your site makes a big difference in all of this. Relevant and original content is always good news for SEO. Back to your website blog post with a well-guaranteed SEO factor:

  • Create catchy titles with the focus keyword
  • Provide meta description with focus keyword/expanded key
  • Mention the focus keyword at the beginning of the first paragraph 
  • There are subtitles with focus keyword/expanded key
  • Include relevant keywords placed naturally in the text
  • Name the ALT attribute of the image with relevant keywords
  • Set complete and appropriate H1, H2, H3 tags

On-topic backlinks from reputable, trustworthy websites are significant for SEO. A recent study shows that backlinks play a big role in improving SEO rankings. Getting backlinks to your website’s homepage and inner pages and blog posts gives a favorable rate to search engines about the quality of your site. The more relevant the link text (blue, underlined, clickable text in the hyperlink), the better it is for SEO.

2. Provide enhanced product images

Users will never buy anything without knowing how it looks. They’ll want to touch it, hold it, etc. All of this is not possible online, so it’s important to bring your product to life through great visual design. Images let your product shine and encourage conversions.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can use images to optimize SEO and thus improve CRO:

  • Please describe with image name. Google can understand red-and-white-polka-dot-dress.jpg but not DCM2704AA.jpg.
  • The image alt attribute should also include the main keywords, but not too much
  • Add the model number, if any, in the alt attribute.
  • Includes multiple photos, each with a description specific to that photo.
  • Keep the image size under 70 kb to keep the page light.

3. Use video pop up to increase website traffic

Pop-up is a smart widget that appears as an advertising window, literally translated as a pop-up or self-opening window on internet browsers. Windows opens by itself without your permission. It is designed in various sizes but usually doesn’t cover the entire screen.

13Chats.com pop-ups designs

Video pop-ups are simply a more extended version of a highly effective marketing tool called pop-up ads. Video pop up content is usually advertising but can also be other relevant content. 

Hopefully, with the suggestions to improve website conversion rate with SEO above, you can effectively help your online business achieve high results. Good luck!

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