Have you ever wanted to change the appearance of your car? The best way to achieve this is by using attractive car stickers. Installing stickers on your car might seem like a complicated task. But the process is easy if you manage to follow some relevant steps. All you need to purchase the car stickers and follow the essential steps to install them correctly.

The car stickers are available in multiple shapes and colors in the market. Therefore, you can choose from a variety of offerings. Apart from that, car stickers are highly customizable. When you personalize your car stickers, you can reflect the personality of your brand.

In this article, we will discuss top tips to install car stickers effectively on your vehicle.

Know the Location

Before you install the car stickers, make sure you determine the location of the stickers. This is an imperative step as it will help you to utilize the space properly.

Hold the sticker on the car surface to know the estimated size and location. This way you can change the position later to see if the car stickers are more beautiful in other places. Make sure you back up the protective film behind the car stickers to ensure proper placement.

After you determine the location, clean the surface thoroughly. Once the designated location is cleaned, install the stickers accordingly.

Position the Stickers Correctly

You can design attractive car stickers, but it won’t work effectively if you install the stickers without proper placement. Positioning the stickers on the surface of the cars accurately is one of the most important steps of the sticker installation process.

However, don’t forget to take the accurate measurement of your stickers. This will help you to align the position of the stickers correctly. Once you have an idea of the placement, make sure you mark the ideal location. While applying the masking tape, make sure it’s not too sticky otherwise it would scratch the surface of the vehicle.

Cleaning the Car Window

Once you determined the primary placement of your window car stickers, you need to clean the surface again. This way you can avoid creating bumps when installing the stickers. All you need is a window cleaner and a soft cloth.

Start the process by using a cleaning mixture. You can also use rubbing alcohol as the cleaning solution. It will guarantee a smooth finish as well as a strong cleaning action. Make sure you dry the area completely before installing stickers to prevent any possible water damages.

When the liquid removes all the dirt, you need to wait. Before installing the stickers, use a soft cloth to dry clean the surface one more time.

Remove Bubbles 

Many people rush the installation process of the car stickers only to create unnecessary bubbles. Therefore, be patient while installing the stickers.

Consider spraying some Windex on both sides of the stickers. This is helpful because it will help you get rid of any additional Windex after the backing of the stickers. If you cannot remove the bubbles, use a heat gun or hair-dryer to remove the bubbles. As per Doityourself, a heat gun is highly versatile.


These are the top tips to install car stickers perfectly. If you think that these steps are a little bit complicated for you, hire a professional who can install the car stickers without making any mistakes.

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