A gym franchise is an opportunity to open a new gym, make money for yourself and any others who invest with you while having the support of those who have already found success and creating a road map for it to be repeated and to help your community become healthier. As gyms continue to remain popular, and while people continue searching for a gym for sale in Brisbane,  here is a list of gyms that you can find just about anywhere, no matter where you live. The top five gym franchise opportunities are currently Anytime Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness, Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and Fit Body Boot Camp.

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a full gym that allows access to its members any time of the day or night. Using a security key card, they are able to enter through the members’ entrance that is recorded by security cameras to ensure their safety. With a full range of equipment and a studio with a large screen for playing video classes of Yoga, aerobics, and others. The around the clock access makes it popular with those who work shift work or find it hard to get to the gym during the day.

Orangetheory Fitness

Providing group spin and cycle classes, this franchise offers a simple to follow a plan that creates a full schedule of classes and riding time for your members. With full support and designs ready to go this franchise allows you to offer something that is different from what other gyms offer to allow you to fill a niche market.

Planet Fitness

With a recognizable logo that represents affordable gym membership, this franchise is well advertised throughout sponsorships. Offering an opportunity to use the well-recognized logos and colours to launch your new gym franchise. It’s growth makes it attractive to new members, and the affordable memberships appeal to a wide range of potential members.

Gold’s Gym

This franchise has a strong tradition and standing with bodybuilders and a steady following. With this gym, you get a built-in following, well-planned out the franchise, and access to a well-laid plan that has worked for many other gyms in several locations. Following the guidance provided, you will have a map to success for your gym and built-in partnerships.

Fit Body Boot Camp

Following the trends, a Fit Body Boot Camp appeals to a section of the market that likes fast workouts and interval training. It has a following that will be likely to join a location that opens near them, and with a referral network that is strong on social media, there will always be room for a new class at a new time. Offering HIIT classes for people outside of regular business hours allows them to fit in a fast and effective workout around their regular schedule.

Opening a new business is always a risk, but opening a franchise offers you an advantage that you would not otherwise have. It provides a business plan that has proven successful in other locations, advertising already in place, and logos that are easily recognizable.

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