Melbourne houses some of the best prenatal hospitals in the country. To add to that, the surge of midwives and supporting infrastructure make childbirth and care as stress-free an experience as possible here. Therefore looking for a suitable pregnancy massage in Melbourne is sure to leave you spoilt for choices! Before understanding the perks of opting for one, it is imperative to know pregnancy or prenatal massage.

A prenatal massage is a gentle, calming massage intended exclusively for the expecting woman. ‘Pregnancy massage’ is a word that refers to any hands-on massage for a pregnant lady. As a result, it might vary significantly in terms of what it contains. On the other hand, pregnancy massage advantages include alleviating aches and pains and helping relaxation and labour preparation for many women.

Reduces Feet Swelling: Sore and swollen feet are typical complaints among pregnant women. The swelling is caused by the extra pressure exerted by the uterus and an increase in blood flow. This swelling can be reduced with gentle upward massage strokes. Pregnancy massage should always prioritise your comfort and the safety and well-being of your baby to maximise the pregnancy massage advantages. A qualified professional massage therapist who listens to your needs and performs the massage in the location where you feel most comfortable is required for this.

Helps Against Anxiety: While pregnancy is a beautiful experience for several women, it may be stressful. It’s the start of a new journey, and your body is changing dramatically. Massage may help you connect with your body, learn to be comfortable with changes, and reduce worry. Having the assistance of a qualified pregnant massage therapist may also help you comprehend that the physical changes are natural and to be expected. Additionally, a prenatal massage might make you feel calmer, more in control, and more able to manage contractions if you’re having a protracted first stage, which is more typical with first pregnancies.

Alleviates From Pains & Aches: Pregnancy can bring on new aches and pains, ranging from minor annoyances to severe discomfort, due to your increased weight and changed posture. You have fewer options for pain relief during pregnancy, both in what medications you may take and how to manage the pain. Pregnancy massage is one approach to gently move the uncomfortable regions and gradually expand your range of motion, easing the pain. With the baby’s growing weight in the pelvic area, pregnancy hormones can produce sciatic pain or pelvic discomfort in particular women. This can be incredibly upsetting and difficult to deal with. Your masseuse can gently try to relieve the aches that surround you.

Helps In Bonding: Seeking a good pregnancy massage in Melbourne is a simple task as the city boasts several massage centres specialising in prenatal therapies. You can also find dedicated childbirth support centres in the city. This becomes crucial because most pregnant women describe their experience as a rollercoaster. Managing a job and other domestic responsibilities might make it feel like the pregnancy is happening to you, and it’s tough to link it to the real baby you’ll meet soon. Pregnancy massage allows you to take a step back and focus on yourself and the rising bundle of joy inside you, allowing you to bond before the delivery.

Summing Up: In pregnancy, sleep may be elusive. You may be tossing and turning all night, just when you need a decent night’s sleep to prepare for labour and a newborn. Massage can help you sleep better in a variety of ways. Additionally, if you have health problems while pregnant, such as hay fever, headaches, or sinus discomfort, you may be limited in what you can do to relieve your symptoms. When nothing else works, massage can help!

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