EduSynergy is based on an existing computer simulation, EIS, which provides intensive and productive learning experiences related to the dynamics of change in a company [7][8][9]. EIS simulation dynamics are based on published research in orga nizational dynamics [10][11][12][13][14]. In the EIS simulation, participants working in small groups have 6 months of simulated time to convince members of an acquired company’s management team to adopt the corporation’s Executive Information System (EIS).

Participants can interact with these virtual characters and learn by trying out, and receiving immediate feedback, on 18 different managerial actions such as face-to-face meetings, pilot tests and covert lobbying. Each action uses up a set amount of simulated time. The EIS learning experience was designed to stimulate collaborative learning and knowledge exchange [15][16][13]. Participants work in small teams of 4-6 players.

Thus participants not only have to decide what tactics they would like to use on characters in the simulation, they also have to attempt to convince members of their team to follow their advice. Teams seem to provide a very good setting for games as they regroup different users with different experiences and approaches to a given problem.

This generates debate and discussion making everyone even more engaged in the game scenario. The educational experience is enriched by group discussions before, during and after the simulation experience [16]. The EIS simulation has been deployed successfully in management schools and universities, as well as private and public organizations world-wide, for over ten years.

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