Studying criminal law is a challenging choice but can be very rewarding when it comes to career prospects. When you choose to study in the top law colleges in Delhi NCR, this career choice will become highly an easy goal to achieve

A law course will help you build the foundation in Indian Law and will assist you to proceed with a master’s degree to become a criminal lawyer. It means you will need comprehensive support from the college authority, the faculty members, and the infrastructure to become a criminal lawyer. It will be a challenging but enjoyable journey for law aspirants.

What do you need to become a criminal lawyer?

To become a criminal lawyer, you will have to pursue an undergraduate course in law first. For this, either you will have to be a graduate in an eligible course or have to enroll in an integrated law course in one of the law colleges in Delhi NCR. If you follow an undergraduate course first, you will have to spend at least 3 years to become eligible for pursuing a law course. It implies that you will have to spend at least 6 years to complete a law degree separately.

If you pursue an integrated course, you can complete both the degree courses at the same time within 5 years. It implies that you can save a year on the way and can use it to pursue a master’s degree course in a specialized subject. Most aspirants go for the integrated courses taught in the leading law colleges in Delhi to save a year and to proceed with their academic plans.

Before choosing a college, choose an integrated law course first. Find out the options you can get from the leading law colleges. There are three common options available that candidates choose to study.




Find out the most suitable course that suits your dream to become a criminal lawyer. Proceed with a plan and then start looking for a law college. In this aspect, a BA LLB course will be ideal for your criminal law career.

How can choose a law college?

Now that you have decided to go with a particular integrated law course, your next step should be choosing the best option among the top law colleges in Delhi NCR. Consider checking the infrastructure of the law colleges first to compare.

Make sure the colleges have the best faculty members who will teach criminal law and other relevant subjects. You will surely need the assistance of these professors to understand the core of the subjects and to learn how to study these vast syllabi of the semesters.

Find out whether these colleges offer an LLM program or not. It will help you complete your courses under a single roof. There is no need to relocate or search for another law college to complete your academic career. Compare and short-list the name of the colleges you want to study to make an informed decision.

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